You’ve Got PICO 4: How to Set it Up

Setting up your PICO 4 device properly will help you maximize its features. Here's a step-by-step guide to learning the details of PICO 4 setup.

VR Concert: Tune in from Home, Vibe out in Person

Experiencing VR concerts is becoming the norm with PICO products. Explore this emerging world of artists, fans and the technology connecting it all.

VR Table Tennis Games Recommended to Play on PICO 4

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to virtual sports, VR table tennis can hone your skills right in your living room. Slide on your PICO 4 headset to start your tournament journey.

Beyond the Theater: A Guide to the Most Immersive VR Movies

Explore the world of VR cinema. Check out our comprehensive guide on how you can use your VR headset for binge watching.


Imagination, the Only Limitation

Explore VR Action Gaming Experience

Immerse yourself in a new world with the wide selection of VR action games. See how VR gaming has evolved action games on the PICO VR platform.

6 VR Mystery Games That Will Boggle Your Mind

Solve riddles, collect clues and become a savvy detective with a VR mystery game on the PICO 4 system. An expansive, game collection is available for mystery fans.

4 Must-Try VR Dance Games for Every Beat Lover

Feel the rhythm of nearly any music genre with a VR dance game. PICO 4 offers addictive games to get you moving and grooving.

5 VR Party Games You Need to Try with Friends

Socializing in a virtual environment creates a new vibe at parties today. For an enhanced experience, try PICO 4 VR party game titles for your next gathering.

Golf VR Games: Perfect Your Swing and Score Big!

Improve your golf swing or even learn how to golf as a beginner by playing a VR golf game. Check out the world of VR sports from your own home.

Blade and Sorcery Nomad: A Full Featured Game of Sword Fighting

Overview of the hit VR game Blade and Sorcery Nomad, including gameplay and storyline explanations, plus tips and tricks for player success.

Top VR Social Games to Meet, Play, and Bond

Be part of a metaverse conversation with VR social games. Whether you’re teaming up to fight a foe or hanging out in a virtual coffee shop, VR games provide a safe meeting space.

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Imagination, the Only Limitation