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Best Funny VR Games for PICO


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Comedy VR games help us leave our daily worries behind while temporarily immersing ourselves in a lighthearted experience that relieves stress and makes us laugh. With a rapid refresh rate, a high-resolution display, and an ultra-wide field of view, PICO VR devices are the ideal way to see what funny VR games are all about.

Fun in VR Games

When it comes to VR, even games without humorous content are still fun to play! The novelty of entering the metaverse is a fun experience. Other characteristics of VR gaming, such as the social aspect and movement-oriented controls, contribute to the enjoyment experienced by many in VR games.

We've seen comedy in video games for decades, so it's no surprise that it's showing up with gusto in VR. Funny VR games adeptly combine the elements above with things that make us laugh to create a unique, immersive escape for the novice or experienced players.

What Funny VR Games Can You Play on PICO?

Whether you are looking for a little stress relief or laugh-until-you-cry entertainment, you'll find the experience you desire on PICO VR. PICO offers fun VR party games, multiplayer adventures, and comedy VR games to help you escape daily life in favor of a few grins. Here are a few top funny VR games available on PICO devices:

Shave and Stuff

Shave and Stuff is a laugh-inducing VR experience in which players have the power to transform a "client's" conservative appearance into a punk-haired, tattooed version. Use your imagination and a selection of barber shop tools to create unforgettable looks. You'll have trimmers, razors, and plenty of hair dye at your disposal to turn an ordinary hairdo into a creative masterpiece. You can even grow hair on demand to help bring your "client's" hair goals to life.
Once the hairstyle is complete, use a specialized tattoo gun and stencils to design unique body art for your "client." Add earrings and a cool pair of shades before your next customer sits in your chair!

Party Crashers: Balloons

Party Crashers: Balloons checks the box for fun VR party games. People gravitate toward this game for the focus on social interaction. Social butterflies can meet other gamers from across the globe, while shy types can participate in icebreaker activities to get to know their fellow players.
There is nothing more stress-relieving than popping balloons, which is the premise of this lighthearted gaming experience. It offers multiple modes that allow gamers to compete alone or as a team. If competition isn't your style, try graffiti mode, where you can turn your imagination loose and decorate the walls with your unique art. With bright colors and a party-like atmosphere, this easy-to-understand VR game is ideal for VR newbies.

Rec Room

If you are looking for fun VR games to play with friends, try Rec Room. This is another game focusing on social interactions, and the entertainment options are endless. When you enter this upbeat part of the metaverse, you can check out a concert, play fun minigames created by your fellow gamers, or join a community of like-minded VR enthusiasts to chat in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Don't forget to design an avatar that expresses your personal style! If you're feeling creative, grab the Maker Pen to create unique icons or entire worlds to share with others in the game.

Table Party

If you think board games with your buddies are a fun way to pass a relaxing Saturday night, check out Table Party! Strap on your PICO headset and select from ten board-game-style experiences or three casual games. Chess, checkers, and gin rummy are only a few game night favorites you can choose from. If your friends can't join in the fun, no worries! Log on anyways to play with friendly gamers from around the world. Even though there are plenty of games to choose from on Table Party, developers are working on more so that gamers always have a new challenge to look forward to.

Olly Power Play

Add some cuteness to your life with Olly Power Play. This is a target-based throwing game, but despite that, it keeps aggression to a minimum. In this game, the adorable Olly the Ox will act as your cheerleader while you smash a variety of forest fruits at a designated target. With 150 levels, multiple gameplay modes, and pleasing scenery, you'll never get bored with this low-key experience.

Olly Power Play makes the list of fun VR party games with a party mode where gamers can engage in good-natured competition with their family and friends. If you're not feeling the social vibe, you'll have just as much fun competing against yourself in solo mode.

Tips to Enhance Your Funny VR Gaming Experience

VR game developers do everything possible to ensure gamers have an experience they can't get from 2D or 3D video games. According to Marie Dealessandri, deputy editor of Academy, striking a balance between comfort, free movement, and an immersive experience are top priorities in game development (2020). While VR game developers have an unquestionable role in creating an enjoyable user experience, gamers also play a part.

If you're ready to try some of the funny VR games listed here, don't underestimate the importance of comfort. PICO headsets feature precise motorized interpupillary adjustment, reducing dizziness and increasing enjoyment for sensitive gamers. In addition, PICO's padded, no-slip headset is so comfortable that many users forget they are wearing it during their immersive experience.

Sometimes we just want to be alone, but remember that social interaction enhances the VR experience. Even if you are not the outgoing type, try to engage with other players. Fun multiplayer VR games attract people from all walks of life, so you are sure to find someone you connect with.

To get the most out of your VR gaming experience, it's best to embrace the humor. VR games are designed to be an escape from the stresses that surround us, so put on your headset, select a game that suits your style, and get ready to smile for a while!


Multiplayer VR games and metaverse entertainment are quickly becoming the norm in video games. From the creative fun of Shave and Stuff to the adorable cuteness of Olly Power Play, funny VR games are helping us balance work and play in our lives. Check out these games on your PICO VR device and enjoy the humor that they offer!