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Top VR Social Games to Meet, Play, and Bond


vr social game to meet play and bond


Since the invention of the arcade, there have always been multiplayer games. Today, the multiplayer game has a new twist with VR social games. You're encouraged to chat, strategize and virtually hang out with other players. Explore the top 6 VR game social selections that can enhance your time in the virtual realm.


Virtual Gatherings, Real Connections: VR Social Games

Playing video games with another person isn't a new concept, but a social VR game is much different than a multiplayer design. For example, a multiplayer game typically involves people taking turns or playing in parallel with you. Teaming up isn't always part of the game.


For a VR game social experience, you chat, strategize and work as a team to complete challenges. Also, the VR difference creates a real-life scenario. Every movement is like you're really with the person in the VR realm. As a result, this immersion creates a real, social experience. Because you have a mixture of social presence and acceptance in the VR world, it's forging human connections that satisfy the mind, according to Science Direct.


Naturally, every game has a different design connecting players across the globe. From chat boxes to VR rooms created for relaxation and conversation, a social VR game builds relationships so that you can share strategies and forge alliances when necessary.


How VR Social Games Build Connections in the Virtual World

VR social games place you into controlled conditions with a specific tension level. In short, you have a goal to achieve alongside other players. Because of this shared goal, a VR game social environment encourages everyone to get along and collaborate. Through this teamwork, you naturally have empathy and connection with the other players. At times, you might return to the game and play with the same people, which creates friendships in the real world.


In addition, VR social games have given rise to new pathways for connecting people in the virtual world. For example, corporations use puzzle games to build teams within their companies. Sharing ideas, focusing on strengths and working together toward a goal builds bonds that translate to the working world.


Other social interactions found online involve educational applications and even therapy. Strategy and puzzle games enrich students' minds as they learn how to work as a team at nearly any age, for instance. Also, therapy for social anxiety might use the VR world as a platform to meet people on a neutral level.


6 Popular VR Social Games on PICO

Picking the perfect social VR game takes some research. Indeed, PICO 4 has a huge library of titles to sort through. Explore the top 6 most popular VR game social titles available now.

1. Dreamland


Enter Dreamland to discover more than a dozen worlds and countless numbers of challenges. First, create your avatar so that you can interact with others in this social VR game. Next, select an activity that fits your personality. For example, fight off zombies, deal with an evil cowboy or throw watermelons at your foe. Every game has its unique strategies, which often involve working with your fellow avatars on a common goal.


2. Rec Room

rec room vr social game 

Rec Room is truly a user-friendly platform where everyday people create their personal virtual worlds. With your avatar's assistance, this social VR game gives you access to other avatars' creations. For example, ride on construction equipment or play with adorable puppies. As you move in and out of these worlds, engage with others who might be playing on nearly any device across the globe. Simply dress up your avatar and start exploring the lands. Ultimately, they might inspire you to build your own world and meet like-minded people, too.


3. Quantaar


Avatars, power-ups, game arenas and hangouts are just a few of the VR social games found in Quantaar. With an open concept, take your avatar to gain more power or hang out in a pub where you can sit with friends over a drink. Bond with others as you play familiar games, such as bowling or air golf. Because this VR game social design encourages chats among avatars, Quantaar is one of the most compelling platforms for friendly banter.


4. Black Hole Pool


Naturally, playing billiards is a perfect platform for social VR game fun. With Black Hole Pool, enter the facility and shoot some pool with a new friend. Meet with friends inside the pool hall, or gather in the VIP room. Remarkably, you also have the choice of simply playing the AI when you need a private moment. With graphics that simulate physics on the green felt, this billiard experience defines VR game social interactions.


5. Walkabout Mini Golf VR


If you thought your local mini golf course was a challenge, Walkabout Mini Golf VR can be the ultimate putting tournament. With many different holes carved into unique landscapes, this golf experience also doubles as a social VR game. Meet up with a friend or gather up to eight friends for the ultimate playoff. In essence, the time between shots gives you conversation opportunities.


6. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

acron attack of the squirrels.png 

An unusual title is Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, which demands teamwork from you and your virtual crew. One player becomes an acorn tree while the remaining players transform into squirrels. In this social VR game, the goal is to capture as many golden acorns from the tree as possible. Although the concept is simple, challenges arise as the squirrels use their clever abilities.



Take your game playing to another level with a VR game social selection from PICO 4 products. Isolated gaming isn't the norm anymore. By building virtual communities, you forge relationships that can last a lifetime. Purchase your PICO 4 headset to get started today.