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VR Table Tennis Games Recommended to Play on PICO 4


vr table tennis games recommended to play on pico 4


Table tennis or ping pong has been a popular game across the globe since its invention in 1890, reports the International Table Tennis Federation. Today, you don't need a huge table to enjoy this game. Instead, you can try VR table tennis on the PICO 4 system. Explore how VR enhances table tennis and how you can try it today.


What is VR Tennis?

Table tennis VR games simulate a real, tabletop experience. Typically, you stand on one end of the virtual table with another player or AI on the opposite side. Depending on the settings, you can serve, volley and earn points as you play against the opponent.


For beginners, a VR table tennis game is a comfortable way to learn how to strike the ball. By using the PICO 4 VR headset, the controllers become your paddle. Use realistic movements in order to serve and strike the ball during gameplay. For advanced players, set the game up for a more challenging serve or volley session. Without a doubt, you control the AI's skill level during this table tennis VR experience.


How is the VR Table Tennis Experience Different From Other Games?

When you play a VR table tennis game, the surroundings are often familiar. For example, the virtual table might be in a large hall or a living room. In most cases, you can walk around this environment as you sidle up to the table for a game. All of this realism adds to the table tennis VR experience. Ultimately, you are playing the game as if all the elements were at your fingertips.


The main reason why table tennis VR remains so realistic is the immersion. As you strike the ball, you hear the corresponding sounds as it bounces off the paddle, onto the table and over to your opponent. Your reflexes use both the sounds and visuals to prepare for the next volley. Truthfully, anyone can improve their table tennis skills by using the virtual world as a practice arena, reports the National Library of Medicine.


Playing Table Tennis in VR

Before starting any VR table tennis game, go through your system settings first. Initially, set the floor height so that the table is at regulation height. You shouldn't be bending over too far to reach the ball or struggling with a table that's too tall for your stature. Also, go into the paddle settings. Here, you'll find beginner, advanced and custom settings. To simplify the game, choose beginner settings. This setting allows you to move through the game as you get accustomed to striking the ball.


As you gain experience with VR table tennis, you can practice more advanced techniques. For example, applying spin to the ball is a classic way to gain points. Essentially, move your wrist so that you brush the paddle across the ball as it enters your side of the table. Depending on the contact, the ball reacts with either a topspin or backspin action.


Although you're in a VR environment, you're still playing a game that demands proper posture. Don't sit down during VR table tennis. Ideally, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Be sure to shuffle from side to side as the ball moves across the table. From an outsider's perspective, you should still look like you're playing real table tennis as you strike the ball.


Unleash the Fun with PICO 4 VR Table Tennis Games

Table tennis VR games can be found among most gaming platforms. However, PICO 4 systems offer some of the most detailed visuals across two games today. Explore these exclusive titles to determine which game suits your style.

1. Eleven Table Tennis

vr table tennis games  

If you're looking for a game dedicated to the VR table tennis game, Eleven Table Tennis is your go-to platform. Play against AI, invite gamers from across the globe to play or select a machine-thrown practice round to improve your skills.


With a home environment as the backdrop, Eleven Table Tennis makes you feel like you're playing against loved ones. As a result, you feel immediately relaxed. Indeed, the paddles have a realistic look with reliable strikes each time. Because of PICO 4's processor speed, high latency isn't an issue. Your movements match the visuals every time.


If you want to change up your VR table tennis routine, try the mini-games included with Eleven Table Tennis. For instance, wall tennis and quadrants are available to hone your skills. Essentially, practicing regularly can improve your hand-eye coordination, which translates into real-life games and skills.


2. All in One Sports VR

all in one vr sports games 

One of the most popular games in the PICO 4 lineup is All in One Sports VR. As you enter the game, select from more than a dozen sports types. For VR table tennis, choose the ping-pong icon.


Next, you're transported to a tournament-style arena. As you pick up your paddle, a tutorial window opens up as a quick reference guide. Luckily, this VR table tennis game is intuitive. Simply pick up the ball and strike it. Your opponent will return the volley.


Certainly, the game's design is simple and approachable. In turn, you can feel comfortable with the paddle in a short time. As the ball moves between players, it's easy to anticipate the next move so that you can have strong competition. Although the players' designs aren't too detailed, the realism stems from the accurate ball bounces, strikes and corresponding sounds. Overall, All in One Sports VR offers table tennis VR that can be addictive over time.



By embracing table tennis VR through PICO 4 games, you can become a virtual athlete. Repetition is always the key to an improved game. Over time, each game teaches muscle memory and hand-eye coordination through immersive learning. Purchase your VR table tennis game from PICO today!