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6 VR Mystery Games That Will Boggle Your Mind


vr mystery games that will boggle your mind


The virtual world explicitly immerses you in an environment that can be fun, scary or captivating. If you're a mystery fan, becoming a detective in the VR world is better than any movie or book out there today. Explore the top 6 VR mystery game experiences available on PICO 4 products right now. Ultimately, their distinct details will lead you toward gasp-worthy conclusions.


What Makes Mystery VR Games Popular

When you dive into mystery VR games, you're essentially transported into another world. Turn in nearly any direction, and you're in 1908 Britain or on a moon outside of Saturn, for example. Typically, this immersion makes the mystery more visceral, which creates real emotion during the adventure.


Also, today's games are more intricate and detailed than ever before. The tiniest details in an escape room might lead to an epiphany for your mystery, for instance. Preferably, each challenge will build on the next so that you're expanding your mind while being entertained.


VR Mystery Games on PICO

In essence, every VR mystery game offers a riddle or problem for gamers to solve. By using a mixture of single and multiplayer options, these games challenge everyone on various skill levels. Dive deeper into each title so that you can choose the perfect game for your detective work.


1. Jurassic World: Aftermath


Find yourself on Isla Nublar where Jurassic World has just fallen. It's up to you and your team to recover data from the island so that civility can return. However, this VR mystery game includes those famous dinosaurs that can turn your recovery party into their next meal.

With realistic sounds from the blockbuster movie and a few celebrity voices, Jurassic World: Aftermath is a thrill for fans and a delight for mystery buffs. Hopefully, you can avoid dinosaur disaster as you find clues and recover the necessary data in this action-packed game.


2. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

the room vr mystery game 

In this VR mystery game, a famous Egyptologist has gone missing in the early 1900s. With your wits and instinct, you're tasked with investigating specific rooms inside the British Museum to solve the mystery. Because this VR mystery game doubles as an escape-room adventure, it appeals to many players.

As you solve puzzles in each room, you'll move closer to the mystery's ultimate resolution. Indeed, many players applaud this game for its realism as you manipulate objects and explore hidden spaces. The Room VR: A Dark Matter is appropriate for both beginner and advanced players.


3. Red Matter 2


In this science-fiction story, Red Matter takes you to a Saturn moon where you need to investigate an abandoned research facility. As you uncover clues, the story unfurls into unique challenges that boggle the mind. Typically, players manipulate objects, solve riddles and work through the clues to solve the game. As an immersive world in outer space, Red Matter attracts players who are adventurers and detail-oriented minds.


4. Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate


Mystery VR games take you to alternative worlds, such as where crime is almost eradicated through dream manipulation. In Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, you're tasked with solving a heinous murder in a futuristic city that doesn't experience crime like in the real world. With stunning graphics, this game immerses you in a city where you must look for clues and work with others to find out who committed this murder.


5. The Key


In a dreamlike state, The Key takes you through a girl's dreams as you solve puzzles throughout the experience. Although most mystery VR games have a specific setting and tension level, The Key offers a more relaxed sensation as you enjoy the artistry and unique sounds forged in this game. Discover why there are keys to each dream world as you move through Anna's mind.


6. Paranormal Detective: Escape the 80s

paranormal detective vr mystery game 

For 1980s fans, Paranormal Detective: Escape the 80s is a VR mystery game wrapped into an escape-room plot. In 1987, Corey Savage disappeared from his home. It's your job to look for clues in every room to bring him home.

Typically, players enjoy this puzzle because of the throwback gadgets visualized by the creators. For example, use VCRs, Speak and Spells and many more electronics to uncover numerous clues. Ultimately, focusing on details will help you solve this cold case.


The Social Aspect of VR Mystery Gaming

Mystery VR games attract players because it's human nature to seek out answers to unknown questions. From a primitive perspective, humans want to work together to gain knowledge about something unknown. In return, there's less danger to the social group.


According to Psychology Today, uncovering mysteries keeps people psychologically and physically safe. Because people live in the developed world today, they seek out mysteries to feel whole on a primitive level. Working together only connects people even further, regardless if they're physically in a room together or communicating through online chat rooms.


Tips and Strategies for Mastering Mystery VR Games

Solving mystery VR games involves observation. Whether you encounter an empty room or a party scene, take your time and observe the scenario. Typically, every element has a purpose in the space. For example, some details might be critical to the mystery or simply red herrings. Also, look for clues in the tightest corners of the game. Ultimately, they might be the most helpful ones.


In addition, prioritize communication if the mystery involves teamwork. Certainly, some games hide information from some players so that the group has disjointed facts. Be communicative so that everyone has the available data. As a result, solving the challenges may be easier with everyone's input.



Use your detective skills and social connections to unravel mysteries on today's hottest mystery VR games. In the end, these complex stories will have you guessing until the final sequence. Purchase your PICO 4 VR Headset.