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4 Must-Try VR Dance Games for Every Beat Lover


must-try vr dance games for every beat lover


Dancing in the living room to your favorite song takes on a whole new form with a VR dance game. Indeed, gamers no longer need a sensor-filled pad on the floor to record movements and rack up points. Currently, you simply need a VR system, such as PICO 4, to get you grooving to the latest tracks on these top 4 games available now.


VR Dance Game Trends and Popularity

As VR evolves in the everyday household, more game manufacturers are releasing rhythm games. Currently, each game offers more than just a song and a suggested dance. Depending on the game, you might chase after music notes or avoid obstacles. At the heart of every dance VR game is movement. For example, the dance game VR might require rapid motions with all your limbs, but then switches to a calmer mode as the scene evolves. As a result, gamers are more excited than ever before to feel the rhythm and gain points in a world that's full of lights, distinct characters and rewarding new levels.


Dance VR Games on PICO

PICO 4 has a variety of different dance game VR selections. Certainly, each one has many music genres for optimal enjoyment. Ultimately, your favorite VR dance game might arise based on the gameplay style designed for each title. Take a look at the top 4 PICO 4 games available today.

1. Dance Collider

dance collider vr dance game 

If you're a fan of EDM or electronic dance music, Dance Collider is the game to choose. In this colorful dance game VR design, you punch and step to nearly 50 songs embedded into the journey. Indeed, this dance VR game encourages you to move your arms along with your legs, which amps up the calorie burn. If you punch at the incoming nodes with the proper rhythm, then you gain those coveted points.


For each session, choose one of the eight characters within this VR dance game. Each character has his or her own personality and dance style. In addition, select your difficulty level as easy, normal or professional. As you gain some experience with Dance Collider, your fitness and rhythm are bound to improve.


2. Pistol Whip

pistol whip vr dance gaem 

Pistol Whip is a game that weaves gunslinging and rhythm into one activity. Basically, you enter each scene with obstacles moving your way. Use the music's beat and your aiming ability to shoot them down and gain points. Although it's not a standard dance game VR design, Pistol Whip has been a popular title since its inception in 2019.


Each scene gives you a taste of both action and science-fiction movies. Because the VR dance game manufacturers are constantly updating the scenes, gamers can enjoy even more scenarios in 2023 and 2024. Simply slide on your PICO 4 headset, grab your controllers and shoot your way to a high score.


3. Synth Riders

synth riders vr dance game 

If you remember the science-fiction movie called Tron, then Synth Riders drops you right into a world just like it. The infectious beat drives your moves as you slide along rails, capture music notes and gain valuable points. As a dance game VR design, Synth Riders gives you a lot of options for rhythmic movement. Truthfully, the dance is a freestyle marathon until you reach the next level.


Additionally, this dance VR game has a 10-player option. Team up with friends or online acquaintances as you dance along with more than 50 songs. Remarkably, there's a custom song option for those musical minds out there. With a beat that makes your body move, Synth Riders is a VR dance game to return to as you move up through the multiple levels.


4. FitXR

fitxr vr dance game 

Dancing is fitness, and FitXR on PICO 4 takes this concept to the next level. Enter one of five modules, such as HIIT, dance, box, combat and sculpt. Within each module are hundreds of fitness classes. Indeed, a dance game VR experience can be part of your workout routine. Remarkably, FitXR provides a variety of songs from nearly every genre, from pop to rap.


Also, enjoy new workouts as FitXR's content updates each week. As a result, you'll feel more compelled to dance your way to better fitness. Don't forget to invite friends onto the platform for a more social experience.


Can You Learn to Dance with VR?  

According to The Guardian, it's possible to learn how to dance with VR. Today, choreographers experiment with VR so that dancers can learn new routines without their real-life partners. In essence, the headset and controllers provide feedback about body movements in real-time and space.


For beginners on a dance VR game, learning movements to well-known dances is possible. It all comes down to repetition. By moving in the same way over multiple practice sessions, gamers learn graceful motions. Because systems, such as PICO 4, have complex processors and realistic visuals, you can accurately repeat these movements as your mind makes those muscle-memory connections.


Perfecting Your VR Dance Moves: Tips and Tricks  

The best way to enjoy your dance game VR experience is by calibrating the PICO 4 headset to your chosen title. Simply use the system's user guide to set the system to your preferences. In short, you want the visuals and sound to match as you dance, punch and groove your way through a game level.


With a calibrated headset, allow yourself to move freely during the dance VR game. For example, experiment with unusual moves so that your dancing improves and points add up. As a safe way to learn rhythm, a VR dance game gives you the confidence to dance anytime and anywhere.



In the end, select a dance VR game to improve your rhythm and style at any age. Indeed, the realistic environment and the VR immersion entices everyone to move to the beat in unique settings. Be part of today's VR dance revolution by purchasing a PICO 4 VR headset today.