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5 VR Party Games You Need to Try with Friends


vr party games you need to try with friends


As virtual reality becomes more accessible to the masses, this environment is now a popular trend for parties. Essentially, you invite friends to play a VR party game so that everyone engages on this platform. Because each party game VR title is relatively simple to play, every skill level is welcome. Now, take a look at the top 5 VR party games to try with your friends today.


What VR Games Can You Play with Other People?  

The VR world encourages engagement between players. With live chats, private meetings and group meetups as available options, your entire party can mingle in a fantastical VR world. Ideally, the perfect games to play during a party depend on the group's mood. For example, try a boxing match, bowling challenge or ball toss for friendly competition.


In contrast, other games demand cooperation between players, such as taking on a quest. Overall, playing with other people creates partnerships and social satisfaction through the VR lens. Trying several different game styles will help the group narrow down the perfect selection.


VR Party Games for Ultimate Fun on PICO 4

Today, pulling together a gathering doesn't translate into serving cocktails and encouraging conversation. Throwing a bash with a VR party game is a trend that continues to grow. Indeed, people are socializing through gameplay and VR environments.


According to the National Library of Medicine, people who play VR games tend to have more positive emotions than negative ones afterward. With these conclusions, playing a party game VR title gives your entire friend group a mental boost. Explore these top 5 VR party game selections by PICO 4. You might enjoy this social environment more than a standard party.


1. Rival Rides

vr party games rival rides 

Feel like a kid again with a virtual trip to a theme park. In Rival Rides, play in four different lands where you can shoot, toss and play many other games with friends. As a party game VR experience, Rival Rides encourages you to meet up in the gathering area before selecting among the lands, including Earthland, Cosmic Land, Haunted Land and Foodland Court.

Generally, the purpose of the game is to play with and against your friends in a colorful world. Although it's a VR party game, Rival Rides offers some serious accessories during gameplay, such as realistic guns to shoot at targets. However, the game's manufacturers created a largely wholesome environment where you can enjoy a theme park but without the real-world expense.


2. Quantaar

quantaar vr party games 

For the ultimate party game VR brawl, enjoy Quantaar. Basically, select a character to play against your friends. Each character has its abilities, which create unique sequences during battle.


Along with several characters, the arenas are distinctly different, too. For example, try a desert scene or a snowy area. Overall, this party game VR experience gives your entire group a chance to hone their combat skills and earn points. Ideally, return to the game during each gathering so that the players' characters gain enough abilities to reach the more complex levels.


3. Party Crashers

party crashers vr party games 

Adorable characters and addictive games are all available on Party Crashers. Step into this colorful land full of carnival-style rides and challenges. Indeed, a majority of the fun comes from live-chat sections and emoji options, which creates a classic, party game VR experience.


Begin by selecting your character and game. Shootouts, bowling and many other ballgames are divided across a simple map available within this VR world. Divide your party into several groups so that you can have some healthy competition, too. With so many games available within this party-friendly game, your evening can be full of victories and laughs.


4. Rec Room

rec room vr party games 

Your party can last for hours when you virtually visit Rec Room. This expansive game has thousands of user-created spaces to explore. Meet up with friends in these rooms while still enjoying your party-going group, for example. Also, team up for various games found within this world.


For example, role-playing games are especially exciting for a party group. Alternatively, consider a first-person shooter game. Essentially, any group can find the right game for their mood. Certainly, Rec Room continues to expand, so exploring this VR game during each party session is a clever way to find the next best challenge.


5. Cook-out

cook out vr party games 

If you have a smaller group, try the whimsical world of Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. Your group must work as a team to create sandwiches for particularly troublesome customers. Set in a fairy-tale land full of talking animals, Cook-Out is both visually pleasing and a challenge simultaneously.


Remarkably, the orders start rolling in at a rapid pace as you level up. Use your team to keep the restaurant in business as it gains popularity among the residents, including werewolves and tiny mice. Truthfully, players of all ages can master this party game VR experience.


Enjoy VR Party Games with PICO  

The PICO 4 system comes with a headset and two controllers. Party games are simply more fun to play on PICO 4 because of its compact and comfortable headset, suggests Tech Advisor. Because of the balanced headset, playing for several hours is possible without fatigue.


Also, PICO 4 products have the latest processors and software. As you move within the VR world, the visuals and sounds synchronize with your movements. Ultimately, you experience a real-time adventure with your party-going friends.


Lastly, many of PICO's games can be played on smartphones or tablets. If some of your friends don't have headsets, they can participate on their personal devices. However, any VR experience is better with a PICO 4 headset.



By trying one or more of these party game VR titles, your party can be the talk of the town. Get a consensus on which game is the favorite among your friends, and strive to complete its challenges at the next party. For the best time, purchase your PICO 4 VR headset today.