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Step-by-Step PICO 4 Controller Connection Guide for Beginners


Step-by-Step PICO 4 Controller Connection Guide for Beginners

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PICO 4 is about to introduce you to next-level VR technology. This small and mighty VR system features a state-of-the-art headset that’s easy to wear and stylish. It showcases a balanced design which means the weight of the gear is evenly distributed to the front and rear.

PICO 4 comes bundled with a pair of controllers. These controllers allow players to navigate within the virtual environment seamlessly. You can also use these to interact with objects, characters, and elements.

If you’ve recently bought a PICO VR headset and are struggling to connect it to your controllers, we’ve made a quick guide for you.

PICO 4 Controllers: A Quick Overview

pico 4 controllers
PICO 4 systems come with two ergonomic controllers that are simple for even VR novices to operate. Each controller features a home button, joystick, trigger, status indicator, and tracking ring, and the right controller has a special button that lets users take screenshots and videos. The tracking ring runs diagonally, allowing users to bring the controllers closer together as needed during gameplay. Your PICO 4 also includes four replaceable AA batteries to power the controllers so that you can get in the game as soon as you unbox your system.

When the PICO 4 controller connection is established properly, the controllers deliver accurate, decisive motions in VR. PICO 4 systems feature proprietary omnidirectional simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) capabilities to prevent lagging between your movements and what you see in the metaverse.

PICO 4 controllers have a HyperSense motor that provides haptic feedback to elevate your gaming experience. According to Trusted Reviews, these feedbacks are vibrations a controller emits in response to things happening in the metaverse. For example, if you are battling it out in a first-person shooter game, haptic feedback will allow you to feel the gun's vibration through your controllers.

How to Pair PICO 4 Controller

Successfully connecting your PICO 4 controller will help you maximize your console’s full potential. Fortunately, pairing your controllers with your PICO 4 headset is relatively easy. Here is a step-by-step PICO 4 connection guide for those who are starting fresh with no controllers currently connected:

  1. If you are unboxing your PICO system for the first time, pull the insulating paper out of the battery compartment to automatically turn on your controllers. Otherwise, press the "Home" button to turn them on.
  2. Turn on your gaming headset and put it on.
  3. Click on the "Quick Settings" icon on the lower right side using the "Volume Up" button by your right ear on the side strap of your headset.
  4. Click on "Controller Settings."
  5. Select one of the controllers shown on the menu by using the "Volume Up" button.
  6. Hold the cursor over the "Pair" icon and press "Volume Up" once again.
  7. While holding the controller, press the "Home" and "Trigger" buttons simultaneously. If you are unsure where to find these, don't worry! A diagram will appear to show you exactly what to do.
  8. Hold both buttons for approximately 10 seconds until the red and blue lights on the controller flash alternately.
  9. Repeat this process for your unconnected controller.
  10. The PICO 4 controller pairing process is complete, so start gaming!

What if you have one controller connected but want to pair the other one? Here is what you need to do to make it happen:

  1. Turn on your PICO 4 headset and put it on.
  2. Click on the "Quick Settings" icon on the lower right side using the "Volume Up" button by your right ear.
  3. Two controller icons will appear on your screen. Choose the unconnected controller by pressing the "Volume Up" button.
  4. Click on the "Pair" icon.
  5. While holding the controller you are trying to connect, press the "Home" and "Trigger" buttons simultaneously. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds while establishing a PICO 4 controller connection.
  6. Both PICO 4 controllers should be connected, so let the games begin!


PICO 4 controllers balance an easy-to-use interface with advanced features that enhance your immersive experience in the metaverse. Proprietary SLAM capabilities, a HyperSense motor, and a simplistic design combine to create controls that complement your gaming rather than getting in the way. In addition, PICO 4 controller pairing is easy to do so that you can get to gameplay quickly. Explore the full potential of the metaverse with a PICO VR headset today!