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Explore VR Action Gaming Experience


explore vr action gaming experience


VR gaming offers an immersive gaming experience where you can experience games and worlds in a new way. VR gaming had its start in the late 1980s with the popular Nintendo Virtual Boy arriving in 1995. It’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry spanning different game genres and using more advanced technology that adds to the realism of the experience.


How VR Can Be Used for Gaming?  

VR systems like the PICO allow you to play games in a more immersive setting. VR technology even finds its way into education with head mounted devices (HMDs) helping with distance learning and providing more hands-on learning experiences.

VR systems consist of the HMD, controllers, and in some cases have separate towers that manage tracking of the controllers and headsets. Some simpler VR systems can even use your compatible smartphone with a HMD to provide a cheaper VR alternative. Essentially, VR allows you to use your body’s movements to control your character in-game and features like haptic feedback and surround sound audio can add to the immersion.


VR Action Games: Beyond Just Playing  

The first-person perspective that comes with playing VR games makes it harder to be aware of everything that’s around you. This is perfect for VR action games that feature jump scares and other horror elements to make the game feel more realistic.


High resolution screens like the ones on the PICO 4 allow games to take advantage of the improved video quality to give you more realistic-looking games. Instead of just pressing buttons to attack your enemies, you physically have to move the controllers and your character to block attacks and make attacks of your own.


Some of these action games on VR use a physics-based combat system to give you a more realistic combat experience as you’re fighting zombies or exploring a haunted house. Motion controllers have improved over time and can easily track your hand movements as you realistically reload your weapons or even parry with your sword. You can also enjoy the game without disturbing others as the headsets generally have built-in headphones and the screen it built right into the headset.


Dive into VR Action Games with PICO

The PICO VR platform offers a wide range of action VR games for you to try out. We’ve compiled a list of four of the most popular and best action games available for your PICO VR system. These games offer some unique features and gameplay styles to provide you with hours of fun.


1. Mixture


Mixture offers a unique play-style in a fantasy action-adventure setting. You control two characters and have to use their abilities together to create items, fight, and solve puzzles. Each character offers their own skills with one character being a mage and the other a sword-wielding knight.


There are over 30 levels to play through along with four different biomes that provide an immersive gaming experience. Another unique part of the game is that it’s played in both a first and third person perspective. The oversized bosses in the game make the combat feel more epic as you go through each of the levels.


2. Ghost Signal


Ghost Signal can be a great option for fans of space adventures. In this game, you take part as a captain of a spaceship as you explore the universe. The game offers randomized maps for the story mode with leaderboards and challenges to keep content interesting.

The combat system allows you to you different kinds of power-ups to fight enemy ships and you can scavenge the wrecks of other ships for upgrades. Ghost signal also has a tech tree system for you to customize your ship further and there are plenty of different planets for you to visit. There are plenty of different alien species that you’ll meet and trade and fight with as you try to find the source of the Ghost Signal.


3. Gorn

gorn vr action game 

Gorn places you in the role of a gladiator as you fight against an infinite amount of opponents as the audience cheers for your success or demise. The game’s combat system is built on a full physics-driven combat engine that allows you to take advantage of the different weapons available such as throwing knives, two-handed hammers, swords, maces, shields, bows, and even your fists. This combat system allows you to fight realistically and creatively as you use your weapons to parry and block attacks as the enemy gets right in your face.


4. Everslaught Invasion

everslaught invasion vr action game 

Everslaught Invasion has you fight off a horse of monsters with the ability to fight alongside one of your friends. You can choose from one of three classes such as the close combat and armored warrior, fast attacking rogue, or the vanguard that utilizes different ranged weapons to support at a distance.


Each of these classes have their own abilities and weapons to choose from with enemies waiting around each corner as you explore the city. Everslaught Invasion offers some great replayability with its progression system that allows you to unlock new skills, weapons, and maps. The physics-based combat system allows for an intuitive and easy to pick up combat system so you can start playing.


Essential Tips for First-Time VR Action Game Experience  

It’s a good idea to clear away your gaming space prior to putting on your headset. Action games for VR require more physical movement compared to other VR titles, so you want to make sure that you won’t trip on any obstacles. Be sure to also take frequent breaks especially with action games that make use of melee weapons. Review all of your weapon options prior to starting the game and don’t be afraid to experiment with different weapons. This can help you clear levels faster as different weapons have different advantages. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to run before you get overwhelmed by the horde of monsters.



VR Action games can be a fun and exciting gaming experience with your new VR headset. You can learn more about the PICO 4 and other great PICO products online and be sure to let us know what types of action games you’d like to see on the PICO VR headset.