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VR Concert: Tune in from Home, Vibe out in Person


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Live music entertainment will never be the same now that VR concerts are possible. Undeniably, seeing your favorite artists as avatars in a virtual world sounds impossible. However, some of today's top stars, including Calvin Harris, Snoop Dogg and Marshmello, are embracing concerts in VR. Learn how VR concerts enter your home and make the vibe as realistic as possible.

How Do VR Concerts Work?

Concerts in VR have a simple concept: an artist performs as an avatar to a group of online fans allowed into a certain space. However, this simple concept becomes complex in the metaverse. In general, the artist typically performs a concert in one take in a specialized studio before the advertised concert date. Cameras designed for VR purposes capture every movement and angle. At an announced time, this recording plays back for online audiences in the form of an avatar.

From the fans' perspective, you access a specific website for the concert at the announced time. As an avatar, you enjoy the VR concert as a spectator. For example, look at the artist from nearly any angle from the audience's location. Certainly, today's technology makes the experience so real with the help of advanced visual and sound effects.

From early accounts, many attendees really feel like they're attending a concert in real time. Truthfully, real emotions arise with concertgoers being aware of who is staring at them or how amazing the artist is on stage. This immersive concept takes you out of the living room and into a new realm.

How and Where to Enter a VR Concert

Entering concerts in VR is simpler than finding your way to the local venue. First, activate your PICO headset and console. Verify that you're logged in with your profile. Naturally, you'll need your avatar for this VR experience. For example, you might be interested in "The Calvin Harris Experience." After booting up your console, browse through the PICO video feed. Depending on the time, you can enter either the premiere event or a rebroadcast.

Next, click on the feed to enter the concert. For this experience, there's no charge. Remarkably, many artists dabbling in VR concerts are offering their performances for free. As the music starts, you can move around the space, interact with other guests and rock out to the EDM mixes.

For this VR concert, the main performance lasts for 60 minutes. Because you're using a PICO headset, you're also welcome to attend a 5-minute preshow and a 25-minute extended set. Other guests using other platforms, such as TikTok, don't receive all these exclusive experiences.

If you enjoy the VR concert, you're welcome to join a rebroadcast another day. Because each performance is unique to the avatar participants, you can have a completely different experience each time. For instance, clap along and create effects of your own. It's even possible to hit the stage with Calvin Harris. Ultimately, this VR environment is yours to explore.

Many artists are excited about trying VR concerts, reports WIRED. With your PICO headset, there might be new performances arriving soon. In the end, the VR world brings you closer to your favorite artists while you remain comfortable at home.

Immersive VR Concerts on PICO 4

As an entry-level VR headset, PICO 4 impresses even the most experienced gamers, suggests PC Gamer. With a resolution of 2160p per eye, the images are crisp and immersive. For concerts in VR, this resolution factor makes a difference as lights and lasers move across your field of vision. In addition, you also have a strong FOV or field of view of approximately 105 degrees. As you enjoy the concert, there's still some peripheral vision to create real-life depth.

With assistance from the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, the PICO 4 headset boasts a 75-90Hz refresh rate. As you move through the VR realm, it's difficult to see any pixel grids, ghosting or other aberrations. As a result, this visual quality keeps you immersed for the entire VR concert.

Naturally, high-quality sound is also a highlight of the PICO 4 system. On the headset, you'll find embedded speakers and dual microphones. Located just above the ears, these speakers give you some of the best audio compared to similar products.

Undeniably, battery life is another major concern among VR concert enthusiasts. If the headset stops working, you cannot see the performance again until the next rebroadcast. As a solution, PICO 4 headsets provide around 2 hours of gaming time. Because most concerts in VR are less than 2 hours long, you can attend the entire show without any concerns. Simply charge the headset before the performance's time.


As more fans learn how to access a VR concert, more artists might embrace this form of expression. Your first step is exploring the VR concerts available today. By moving through the metaverse, you can get acquainted with all its nuances. When a concert is announced, you'll be ready to virtually go. Purchase your PICO 4 VR headset today!