You’ve Got PICO 4: How to Set it Up

Setting up your PICO 4 device properly will help you maximize its features. Here's a step-by-step guide to learning the details of PICO 4 setup.

How to Initialize PICO Neo3 Link Settings

Learn the step-by-step process to initialize PICO Neo3 Link settings for optimal performance. Check out this quick guide.

VR Gun Games: Top Picks on PICO 4

The PICO 4 headset is one of the most advanced VR headsets available. Find the best gun VR games and learn about the future of virtual reality.

7 Must-Try VR Simulation Games

Discover 7 must-try VR simulation games that offer immersive, realistic experiences. Explore new worlds and hone real-world skills.


Imagination, the Only Limitation

5 VR Games for Fitness and Workout at Home

Check out some of the top VR workout games available for the PICO and learn about optimizing your exercise routine online.

Best Spooky and Horror VR Games for PICO

Spooky and horror games are quite a fan favorite when it comes to VR gaming. Check out the top horror VR games on PICO in this quick guide.

7 Things You Can Do with Your PICO 4 VR Headset

PICO 4 headsets introduce users to a world of possibilities in VR. Discover seven unique ways to use your VR headset for entertainment and productivity.

Must-Try VR Combat Games for Stress Relief

VR can help people deal with daily stressors. Learn the role of VR combat games in stress management and what games provide the most benefits.

Virtual Reality Fitness Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide

VR fitness is the newest way to lose weight, build muscle, and reap other health benefits. Learn how VR exercise can help you reach your health goals.

Stand Alone VR and PC VR: What are the Differences?

Explore key differences between Stand Alone VR and PC VR, including performance, portability, and user experience.

How to Activate the Screencast with PICO 4?

Screencasting, screenshots and screen recordings are possible with a PICO4 cast process. Working through the main menu is the key to accessing these modes.

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Imagination, the Only Limitation