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Explore the Thrilling of VR Racing Games


Explore the Thrilling of VR Racing Games


There's nothing more exhilarating than careening through the streets or the sky in a high-octane race to the finish line. VR racing games played on a PICO 4 headset allow everyone to experience this heart-pounding excitement! Let's learn more about this thrilling video game genre and how to get in on the action.

Traditional vs VR Car Driving Simulator Games

Racing games are undeniably fun and offer a thrilling taste of speed. However, as technology evolves, so does the gaming experience. VR has redefined the driving game experience.

While traditional racing offers a thrilling ride, virtual reality places you directly in the driver's seat. Players are immersed in the game. Every turn, every acceleration feels incredibly real.

Gamers encounter sharp visuals and hyper-realistic audio, recreating the sensations of the real world. Racing in VR allows players to sense the world rushing by—a feature traditional games struggle to replicate.

The 3D nature of VR adds depth to the gameplay. Every decision you make as a player has immediate and tangible consequences. Either you're in complete control, or you're not. This gives you a genuine sense of risk without any real-world harm.

According to IEEE, VR players felt a significantly heightened sense of presence than desktop players, regardless of the genre. While the overall player experience ratings might be similar across platforms, the immersive nature of VR certainly makes it stand out.

VR Racing Games with PICO 4

The state-of-the-art features included on PICO 4 VR systems are well-suited for driving games with VR support. The PICO 4's balanced design and snug, comfortable fit make these headsets easy to wear, even as you race through treacherous landscapes at top speed. The wide field of view (FOV) allows drivers to take full advantage of their peripheral vision and navigate around game-changing obstacles. PICO 4 headsets also offer motorized interpupillary distance adjustment to customize your comfort and prevent motion sickness in the metaverse.

Are you looking for a VR racing game that utilizes the features of your PICO 4 headset? Read on to learn more about Omega Pilot, one of our top picks to play on PICO!

Omega Pilot

omega pilot vr racing games

Take flight on Omega Pilot, a VR racing game that lets you become a high-speed pilot on more than 20 tracks! Before you begin your race, settle into the cockpit and explore realistic controls enhanced by high-quality graphics. Customize your plane to take the flight of your dreams and race against other pilots to see who is the fastest in the air. Participate in flight tournaments, and look out for content updates to keep the excitement in your experience.

Shuttle Maze

Dive into the nostalgic world of Shuttle Maze. This VR game is an 80s arcade-inspired creation by Ayayu Games with animated cutscenes and captivating voice acting.

The game is set in 2062, wherein players are tasked to help Glow—a space-racing pilot. She is trapped by a crazy AI gone wild, Maze Phreak. The mission is to find the famous AI computer scientist, Dr. Harris, and help Glow get her license.

Shuttle Maze features a rich storyline with animated cutscenes and astounding voice acting. Players will navigate through mazes, blast their way through enemy bots, and climb up the leaderboard by perfecting race times.

With vibrant retro visuals and beats, Shuttle Maze ensures a smooth, motion-sickness-free experience.

How to Get Started on VR Racing Using PICO 4

Here's your step-by-step guide to enhance your VR racing experience using PICO 4.
  • Set Up Your VR Headset: Connect your PICO 4 to your gaming console or PC. Make sure the calibration and tracking are on point.
  • Launch Your Racing Game: Choose a game from the PICO store and launch it like you normally would.
  • Engage VR Mode: Activate the VR mode option in the settings. Before this, make sure that your PICO 4 is switched on and properly tethered.
  • Tweak the Settings: Modify the graphics and display parameters to enhance your VR experience. It's about striking the perfect balance between performance and visual brilliance.
  • Comfort First: VR racing is exciting. Make sure you're seated comfortably with enough space for unhindered arm movement.
  • Time to Race: With everything in place, start racing and have fun!

VR racing isn't just a game; it's an experience. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice, these guidelines ensure a seamless experience.

Are Racing Games Better in VR?

2D gaming has its merits. But when it comes to racing, VR brings an unparalleled sense of immersion that traditional platforms can't match. Here's why racing in VR stands out:

  • Complete Immersion: With VR, you're inside the race. The depth of the virtual environment offers a 360-degree view, where a simple turn of your head reveals cars speeding beside you.
  • Natural Racing Discipline: Racing in VR feels more intuitive and mirrors real-life racing experiences. For instance, as you approach a bend, VR naturally prompts you to look into the corner, spot the apex, and gauge the best exit strategy, much like professional racers do.
  • Enhanced Sensory Input: The immersive VR environment provides a heightened sensory experience. Early indications of car movements, imminent turns, or shifts in the terrain are more noticeable. It makes understanding bends, calculating braking distances, and noticing track details more straightforward.
  • Superior Field of View (FOV): Achieving a 200° FOV in VR isn't a stretch. You wouldn't get this expansive view even with a racing helmet on in real life. The visual breadth VR offers makes racing more engaging.

Eitherway, VR has its challenges. The clarity of distant objects can sometimes be compromised. However, advancements in newer VR headsets are addressing these issues.


Speeding through the metaverse is the next best thing to a live race on land or in the air. With sharp graphics, precise controls, and a three-dimensional environment, VR provides racers with a fully immersive adventure. Experience the heart-stopping thrills of VR racing games using a PICO VR headset!

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