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5 VR Zombie Games You Should Play Now


vr zombie games you should play now


Playing zombie games is a spine-tingling experience. But a VR headset will plunge you into a nightmare of undead horrors like never before. Today's technology melts the barriers between reality and imagination. You'll find yourself in a desolate world where you take on the undead with top-notch PICO 4 technology.

Popular VR Zombie Games on PICO 4

Here are the top five VR zombie survival game choices in the marketplace today. PICO 4 headsets run these games with crystal-clear clarity and heart-pounding audio.

Arizona Sunshine

According to the Academy of Animated Art, more than 60 million people in the United States used virtual reality in 2022. Many of these users probably experienced a zombie game for VR, just like Arizona Sunshine. This game places you in the middle of the Southwest Desert during apocalyptic times. It's up to you to scavenge for ammo, food, and other supplies. You have several choices, such as working as a team, playing a short-term campaign, or simply exploring the landscape. Arizona Sunshine is a great platform to gain some experience in the VR world.

Drop Dead

Zombie freaks and comical sidekicks are just a few highlights of this VR zombie survival game. Drop Dead features a hellish night full of unique zombies and a cabin as your lair. Stocking up on ammo and surviving the night are the key goals here.

The graphics offer a creepy view of an otherwise simple cabin. Fog, rustic dwellings, and zombies converge into a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Learn how to upgrade your supplies to live longer and survive through the night.

Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for this Walking Dead VR zombie survival game. Some characters are friends, but many zombies must be pinpointed and destroyed. Use the streets and neighborhood attractions, including the famous cemeteries, to hide and find ammo for your zombie annihilation.

The graphics offer crisp detail regarding the background and incoming characters. It provides a realistic look at the city during the night hours, too. You can see only so far, which forges an unmatched level of terror among other games. Surprises can happen, so scan your VR environment as much as possible.

Walking Dead: S&S - Chapter 2 Retribution

Gruesome zombies are the highlight of this next chapter of Walking Dead mayhem. The creator built an underlying plot into the game, which delights enthusiasts. Returning and new characters arise as you move through the maps. As the zombies approach, you can see the fine details coded into their faces. This particular game builds on the previous chapter but doesn't require gamers to start on chapter one. As a result, you can dive into VR zombie games and build up your ammo in little time.

Survival Nation

This zombie game for VR takes you to another level with a survival component. The plot doesn't simply drop you into a zombie apocalypse. You must fish, scavenge, seek shelter and survive the elements at first. The zombies arrive just in time to spoil your victory celebration.

Because the game forces you to deal with survival logistics, it becomes even more immersive for an avid gamer. Climb rocks, kill the undead and celebrate your successes as you move through the maps. The graphics and audio create an environment that's familiar yet elevated.

Key Strategies for VR Zombie Games

Each zombie game for VR has its strategies, but a few key aspects work for nearly any game. Primarily, working as a team is one of the best strategies. For example, one team member might run in circles to bait the zombies into a concentrated area. The remaining teammates can then shoot down the zombies in a group formation. This strategy reduces the number of points lost during the confrontation and increases the number of zombie kills.

Your teammates might have strategic preferences of their own. They might group the zombies into a tight formation or force them into a line by having a teammate run in a straight line. Both strategies have advantages, so communication between players is key to your overall success.

If you're using upgraded weapons, this grouping strategy gives you the time to reload without losing points. The upgraded weapons may be a thrill to set off, but they don't have the automatic reloading time dedicated to more basic weapons.

Immerse, Engage, Survive: The PICO 4 VR Experience

Experience zombie games for VR on the PICO 4 headset. This wireless system comes with a comfortable headset and two controllers. Adjust the headset with the included nose pad and glasses spacer to play for hours. You can experience realistic graphics and spatial audio from the beginning of your VR zombie survival game.

Also, you can start the game with little attention to the controllers' instructions. The intuitive design encourages natural movements as you move through a map. The manufacturer is constantly updating the software for your enjoyment, according to the PICO 4 community. As a result, the games are even easier to understand and conquer with each update.

The key to zombie games VR is setting up a safe place at home to start your journey. Place a round rug in the middle of your room for spatial recognition. In addition, run a fan across the rug to have another reference point. Although you want game immersion, staying safe in the real world requires some preparation.


Choose your favorite VR zombie games, apply your strategy and watch the undead drop in huge numbers. VR continues to improve and immerse gamers in unparalleled scenarios. Taking on zombies and the apocalypse may be only the start of the elevated FPS experience. Purchase your PICO 4 VR headsets and controllers today!

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