PICO’s Latest Commercial 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
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PICO’s Latest Commercial 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
High Resolution
Immersive Experience
PICO 4E provides precise, flexible and immersive
business experience with real power interactions.
Motion Tracking
Eye Tracking
Eye tracking decodes eye movements and translates them into insights that can be used in a wide range of applications or as an additional input modality.
Motion Tracking
Face Tracking
Avatars in VR that are truly lifelike
Front Camera
Color Pass-through
The front facing RGB camera on PICO 4E allows you to clearly view surroundings without taking off the headset. In addition, the color pass-through supports scenarios where developers want to unlock mixed reality experiences within VR applications.
The 6DoF broadband haptic motion controllers provide a much more realistic experience for simulations, where freer movement and manipulation of objects inside the environment is required.
Dual Super
Linear Speakers
3D Spatial Effects
Spatial Positioning
6 DoF
Spatial Positioning
Inside-out 6DoF Tracking uses multiple cameras positioned around PICO 4E, and enables your to move freely and organically in 360°.
Redefining a New
Standard in VR
With high resolution, higher refresh rate and improved saturation, it delivers a delicate picture quality.
Snapdragon XR2
Powered for enterprise applications, PICO 4E is equipped with the latest Snapdragon™ XR2 processor with 256 GB storage and 8 GB DDR5 RAM.
Field of View
105° Field of View
The pancake lenses deliver a wide field of view (FOV) at 105° creating a stronger visual presence when experiencing VR content.
Battery Life
5300 mAh
2 hours +
1200 PPI
Featuring a high-density display with a combined resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K) at 1200 pixels per inch (PPI), PICO 4E provides depth, clarity and smoothness when experiencing VR, AR and MR content.
Pancake Solution
Thinner & Lighter
The pancake solution, lightweight structure and counter-balanced
design makes the headset both smaller and lighter (300g without head straps).
Air Flow
The hygienic and detachable leather PU face cushion allows you to easily clean PICO 4E headsets after each use.
Ergonomic Design
Quick & Easy
Balanced Weight
Thin & Light Design
PICO 4E is designed to make you feel light and comfortable around the head with a balanced formfactor by using a front HMD and a rear battery pack.
PICO 4E Is Specially
Designed to Address
the Needs of
Businesses in XR
Enterprise OS
PICO Business Store
Coming soon
PICO Business Suite
PICO Business Device Management System
Coming soon
Play Space Sharing for Location-Based VR
Business Settings
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Global Scale
Local Support
Stay in Control Everywhere
Easy Management at Scale
We make it easy for you to manage devices in your own company environment with our whole suite of enterprise OS and software, which gives you full control of all headsets in your network.
Without Limits
High Level
We give access to what the developer really needs to quickly adapt the devices to individual needs, with easy access to business settings. PICO 4E includes an enterprise SDK which provides low-level APIs to control the headset and implement advanced functions. The SDK supports development with Unity, Unreal, and OpenXR. It is also possible to work without any accounts and to work offline.
Secure Your Data
We offer world-class security and privacy. PICO Security Whitepaper and Data Privacy Policy are provided to ensure your security. And of course we comply to local legal requirements.
Business Consulting
Find out the most suitable VR solutions to meet your needs.
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