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Let VR Fitness Revolutionize Your Home Workout Plan


Let VR Fitness Revolutionize Your Home Workout Plan

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We've seen what VR has done for the gaming industry, but did you realize it can add excitement to your fitness routine? VR workout games are rapidly increasing in popularity, giving exercise novices and fitness buffs a new way to reach their physical activity goals in the comfort of their homes.

Why Use VR for Workout at Home?

One of the biggest benefits of VR workouts is entertainment. VR adds a gaming element to exercise. It turns an ordinary sweat session into a fun and engaging game and, at the same time, raises your heart rate. It also adds variety to your routine workout, allowing users to try new exercises. All of these lead to increased motivation and more consistent results for players.

Going to the gym is a barrier to exercise for many people. VR tackles that barrier by bringing personal training to your living room. For example, games like FitXR on a PICO 4 device feature real fitness professionals to give you the push needed to get to the next level.

Pain is another factor that prevents some people from successfully sticking to a fitness routine. According to studies, VR technology changes how we perceive pain, making it easier for some to push through a challenging workout.

How to Start VR Workouts at Home

The first step in starting a VR fitness program is properly setting up your headset. Your PICO 4 device is small, but it has the power to support a fully immersive experience. Its balanced design is easy to wear throughout the most vigorous exercise sessions, and it has a cushioned, no-slip fit that stays put no matter where you are in the metaverse. As you complete the setup process, head to the settings menu and make the necessary interpupillary adjustments to minimize dizziness.
Next, dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for your workout. Don't wear overly loose clothing that could get caught on furniture in the room.

Before you begin your workout, ensure you have enough space to move without restrictions. You might need to rearrange your furniture before you start. In addition, some people prefer to do their VR workout games on an exercise mat so that they feel when they leave the boundaries of their exercise area.

Pros of VR Workout Games

The best VR workout games turn a grueling exercise program into a task you'll look forward to doing several times per week. Whether you are a serious fitness enthusiast or would rather complete your workout while maneuvering through a zombie apocalypse, there is a VR workout game designed for you.

Most VR fitness games require minimal equipment. After all, you'll find almost everything you need in the metaverse! You'll only need a VR system, comfortable clothing, and enough space to start a VR headset workout.

There is no greater motivation than results. Some VR devices, such as the PICO 4, feature an integrated fitness tracking system to monitor calories burned, among other fitness indicators. A built-in tracking system allows users to see their progress instantly and helps them to set reasonable yet challenging physical fitness goals.

Cons of VR Workout Games

Many VR fitness games require a paid subscription. Although the fees usually amount to less than a gym membership, the cost of these games is still considered a downside of the VR exercise craze.

If you are prone to motion sickness, VR exercise could pose a problem. Sensitive individuals might need to stick to low-intensity workouts, such as stretching programs, to avoid discomfort. A VR device with a high refresh rate might also minimize unpleasant symptoms.

Some people find it challenging to achieve the correct form during VR exercise. Using improper form makes movements less effective, may burn fewer calories, and could lead to injury. To avoid this, many VR fitness enthusiasts select programs that offer live personal trainers who deliver targeted feedback.

VR workout games don't need a ton of space, but they do require some! Most fitness professionals recommend a 10-foot by 10-foot area. While you can still work out in the metaverse with less space, it's best to give yourself plenty of room to avoid injury.

Best VR Workout Games


FitXR provides a challenging, fun VR workout for people of all fitness levels. Enter one of five studios—box, dance, HIIT, sculpt, or combat—and choose from hundreds of classes to keep your workout fresh. Enjoy immersive environments that go beyond the gym, including seaside locales and urban landscapes. Plus, if you're here for the party, you can exercise with up to six pals or connect with other like-minded people on the FitXR Facebook community.


If you want to infuse fun into your workout, check out HOLOFIT! This VR fitness game takes your exercise bike, elliptical, or rowing machine workout to exciting destinations, including Paris, Antarctica, and Babylon. Competitive exercisers can go up against other HOLOFIT users in epic races. If competition isn't your style, track your data and measure your progress against your last workout. Burn up to 400 calories in a single, sweat-inducing session!

VR Fitness One

If you need the motivation of a personal trainer, VR Fitness One is one of the best VR workouts available. Target your upper body with an intense boxing program, or boost your cardiovascular fitness with an energetic dance workout. No matter what you choose, a positive, motivating personal trainer will be by your side to check your form and cheer you on. There are more than 1,000 personal trainer options, so you are sure to find one you mesh with. This game also offers a seated desk workout for days when it's hard to break away from work to check your exercise box.

Les Mills Bodycombat

Les Mills Bodycombat brings a popular martial arts workout featured in gyms across the country to the comfort of your home. It features nearly 50 workout programs, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. All programs are scientifically designed to produce targeted results and are led by professional coaches. If you like to move to music, this game has a dynamic soundtrack to keep you motivated, even when the going gets tough.


Whether you are a die-hard fitness enthusiast or exercise is more of a social experience for you, it's time to explore VR workouts. With extreme comfort, a high refresh rate, and cutting-edge motorized interpupillary distance adjustment, the PICO 4 headset will help you maximize your workout. Check out fitness games on a PICO 4 headset and elevate your health!

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