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Best VR Shooting Games on PICO


best vr shooting games on pico


Virtual reality experiences have taken the world by storm in recent years. It's hard to believe that just 10 years ago, two-dimensional video games were our go-to for entertainment. Today, with VR headsets like the PICO, we can immerse ourselves in environments we could never travel to on a typical Saturday night.

Key Features of PICO 4 VR Headset

VR games provide users with an escape, and the key to your escape is your headset. The PICO 4 VR headset features a lightweight and compact design to minimize distractions as you defeat enemies, compete for the win, or hang out with your gaming pals in life-like surroundings. In fact, the PICO 4 has such a low profile that many gamers forget they are wearing it as they are exploring an alternate universe!

The PICO 4 boasts an innovative pancake optical lens that accomplishes two things. In addition to being lighter than other types of lenses, the pancake lens featured on the PICO 4 reflects and refracts light, contributing to an ultra-wide view and clear, sharp images. The system also boasts an impressive refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, 20.6 PPD, and 1,200 PPI, leading to a high-resolution display that literally puts you in the game.

When you put on your VR headset, your real-world movements must match what you see in virtual reality for an optimal gameplay experience. The PICO 4 utilizes a cutting-edge optical positioning and sensor system to ensure that the movements you make outside your headset translate to your virtual experience.

Best VR Shooting Games on PICO

Shooting games have been a mainstay in the gaming realm for decades, and in recent years, gamers have discovered that there's no better place to battle it out than in virtual reality. From the military battlefields of Onward to the post-apocalyptic world of Arizona Sunshine, here are 13 top VR shooting games available on PICO.

Superhot VR

Strategy meets chaos in this first-person shooter game. Navigate a world of glass and concrete as you dodge slow-motion bullets from your enemies. The bullets may not travel at warp speed, but without extra ammo or anyone on your side, you'll need to maneuver carefully to come out alive.

Arizona Sunshine

This game's post-apocalyptic world, set in Arizona, is so realistic that you might actually feel the blistering heat! Form your strategy using more than 25 weapons as you dodge the undead. Whether you only have a few minutes to play or plan to stay until you defeat the zombies forever, you can keep the story going using campaign mode.

Pistol Whip

Shoot to the beat as you work through one-of-a-kind, action-packed, and visually spectacular Scenes. You might find yourself conquering the wild west or taking on your enemies while surrounded by an iconic movie backdrop, all while moving to the music. This game gets a gold star for replayability, so you'll never get bored.

Space Guardian

Head to outer space to take part in an unforgettable mission to solve problems on faraway planets. By "solving problems," we mean to defeat the enemy using powerful weapons you can unlock and upgrade after each mission. If you're afraid to fly solo, grab up to three friends and conquer each unique quest together.

Gun Raiders

Gun Raiders is a free-to-play VR shooter where you can jump into lively games of Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Control, and more, while leveling up your Battle Pass for free items. Want something more social? Head to the Item Shop to score a skin that suits your personality while chatting and hanging out with other gamers.


Are you ready for a parkour adventure? Check out Stride, a VR action game designed for adrenaline junkies. Feel your gut plummet as you soar between buildings, catapult through windows, and careen down cables. Perfect your parkour moves in arena mode, or explore many other gameplay options to change up your experience.


In Death: Unchained puts a spin on your traditional VR shooter game. In this roguelike game of medieval mayhem, your weapon of choice is a bow, crossbow, and arrows. Defeat the demons and evil souls that have invaded the Afterlife with your archery skills using a weapon of choice and various special arrows acquired throughout the game.

Hyper Dash

Get ready because Hyper Dash moves at a breakneck pace! The various movement styles and exciting game modes make this adventure stand out among multiplayer first-person shooter games. Work as a team or play in Deathmatch mode, which is an "every man for himself" experience.

Crisis VRigade

Become a SWAT trooper and take on terrorists in some of the most hostile environments in VR. Fortunately, you're not alone—work cooperatively with your SWAT team to defeat the enemy. The enemy is smart, so you must take extra care to stay undetected while you reload your ammo and plan your next move.

End Space

Step into your starfighter and prepare to take control of the Tartarus Sector, otherwise known as End Space. Uncover dangerous secrets as you battle the Tartarus Liberation Front to control this faraway land. Each mission is more daring than the next, so strategize to make the most of the multiple weapon loadouts this game offers.

Apex Construct

In Apex Construct, you are the only human being left standing in a post-apocalyptic world. As you conquer enemy robots using bow-and-arrow weaponry, you'll use your keen problem-solving skills to solve puzzles that help you understand what happened to your fellow humans.


Whether you're looking for a tactical battle, a fast-paced adventure, a horror experience, or pure fun, a high-resolution, intuitive, and easy-to-wear PICO VR headset will transport you to another world. Check out the best VR shooting games on PICO VR headsets!

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