PatchWorld - Build music worlds together

Transform your living room into a musical playground and invite all your friends for a jam party!!!

With hailing reviews and awards, PatchWorld brings the joy of musical creativity and connection to everyone around the world. Become a patcher and learn how to play music with other patchers, guided by funny characters and fantastical music instrument worlds.
Join an underwater reggae jam, blast some hard techno, or make polyrhythmic soundscapes out of rainfall. Explore an ever-expanding library of tools, toys, and instruments you can use to make your own music in VR and collaborate with friends!

* Join live jam sessions in real-time with patchers from around the world
* +300 sounds and virtual instruments to build your dream studio setup
* Record your avatar movement and voice to capture your performance
* +20 ready-to-play music worlds, studios, and a fun tutorial game
* Make your own worlds from scratch, save and share with other patchers
* Play in mixed reality with passthrough
* 3D spatial audio and a high-quality audio engine suited for VR interaction
* Connect PatchWorld to Ableton Live for a cross-reality infinite studio

The PatchWorld app contains a full-blown XR development engine that enables players to create virtual machines and interactive-immersive worlds from scratch with complete control, with full REAL-TIME collaborative features. To get access to the full Patching tool join our Discord server and request access for PatchMaker beta.