After the Fall

Built from the ground up for VR, After the Fall is the ultimate multiplayer zombie apocalypse!

Team up with up to 3 fellow survivors and take on a twisted, hostile world in which all hell has frozen over.

Welcome to ‘The Line’... Decades have passed since the apocalypse turned 1980s Los Angeles into a snow-crested wasteland, overrun by mutated undead. Starting out in an underground camp with up to 32 other player survivors, you take up arms as a new Harvest Runner.

Your mission? Venturing out above ground to expand the Line’s reach into the city and fuel mankind’s survival for another day.

• 3 ways to play: Solo, 4-player co-op & the competitive Tundradome

• Explore sub-zero LA in a mission-based campaign

• Slay massive hordes, brutal specials & towering bosses!

• Craft, upgrade & wield dozens of weapons with real-life movements

• Join our ranks as LA expands with maps, modes & threats during Launch Season