The Tale of Onogoro

Save them.

They are in your hands.

In 1923, in a parallel world, steam power and "Ki," the power of nature itself, thrive. Powerful beings called "Incensed Kami" have begun rampaging on Onogoro Island, an ancient floating island. Haru, a shrine maiden, is sent to the island to quell the Kami, but before she can finish her mission, she is betrayed, gravely injured, and locked away. Trapped, and fearing the worst, she summons help...and plucks a player from a VR game in a parallel world--you!

Travel alongside Haru to stop the traitor's plan from coming to fruition. Use ancient relics called the Celestial Weapons to wield Ki, solving grand puzzles called "Divine Boundaries," and working together with Haru to defeat the giant Incensed Kami that stand in your way.

A grand adventure depicting the bond between you and Haru awaits in this uniquely Japanese VR action adventure!