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7 Must-Try VR Simulation Games


cook-out vr simulation game


VR simulation games offer a thrilling experience no other genre can match. Here, you don’t just play a game—you live it. While traditional games have you staring at a screen, VR puts you at the center of the action.


Ready to take on a new challenge? Here are the 7 must-try VR simulation games that will transport you to new dimensions.


The Rising Popularity of VR Simulation Games

Business Research Insights reports that the global VR game market is growing. In 2021, the market value stood at USD 6.27 billion. It is now projected to increase to USD 29.24 billion by 2028. The VR game market is said to have a growing CAGR of 24.2%.


This growth is attributed to virtual reality's immersive experience. With advancements in VR headset technology, curiosity among users has only grown over time. It was also one of the popular alternative entertainment sources during the pandemic.  


What Makes VR Simulation Popular?

1. VR is a great education and training tool. Like flight simulators, many use VR games for real-world practice. It offers a safe space to learn and practice skills.

2. VR games make learning fun and interactive. It combines fun games with real-life learning, which enhances understanding and retention.

3. VR games promote teamwork and connection. Players can interact and work together in these games.


7 VR Simulation Games You Shouldn't Miss  

Eleven Table Tennis

eleven table tennis vr game 

Eleven Table Tennis is more than just a classic sport in virtual reality. The game boasts realistic physics and accurate ball tracking, so it feels as if you were playing table tennis in real life. You can feel like you're holding the paddle and making precise serves while breaking shots over the net.


Get to compete against friends or other players from around the world to hone your skills.


Blade and Sorcery

blade and sorcery vr simulation game 

If you are a fan of classic action games, this VR simulation game is for you. Blade and Sorcery puts you in a fantasy setting where you are armed to the teeth with weapons at your disposal, granting you the warrior role. It is a virtual reality game featuring intense combat and realistic physics simulation.


During epic battles, you can clash swords, cast spells, and outsmart enemies. The game utilizes an advanced physics engine; hence, every swing is incredibly lifelike — thus worthy of any action or fantasy gamer's time.


Pistol Whip


Pistol Whip is a combination of shooting and rhythm gameplay. You dive into sharp sequences where you must dodge bullets and kill foes to electrifying beats. It's like walking in your own action movie and you're the hero.


The game offers a challenging, immersive experience that tests reflexes and shooting skills while grooving with music.


Real VR Fishing


Escape into nature with Real VR Fishing. This game lets your fingers experience the art of fishing in stunning virtual environments. And cast your line into peaceful lakes and rivers, waiting for that perfect catch.


The attention to detail in its visuals and the fish's behavior make this game a very relaxing yet immersive escape. So, whether you are an experienced angler or new at fishing, this game will provide a serene escape out into the great outdoors of virtual reality.


Walkabout Mini Golf


Walkabout Mini Golf takes classic mini golf into virtual reality. Explore beautifully designed courses – each with its unique challenges. This simulation game is perfect for the casual gamer or a player of mini golf who just wants to have a relaxing, fun time in VR with friends.



cook-out vr simulation game 

Dive into a whimsical VR adventure set in a fairytale forest's cook's cabin. In Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, players serve quirky enchanted creatures.


You can team up with four players maximum to keep the orders flowing. However, it’s not just about taking orders. Players must also fend off mischievous customers disrupting the kitchen. While Cook-Out seems more like a multiplayer game, it's equally captivating for solo players.


Recent game updates have introduced the "Make it Your Way" and "House Party" features, which allow you to customize your character’s clothes and upgrade skins.



The sci-fi shooter is within you. Unleash it in Vermillion. Be the human left behind on an alien planet and fight to stay alive with immersive VR shooter gameplay while taking on hostile enemies that won't stop coming.


You'll face a rush of beautiful environments at high-octane firefights. All centered around uncovering hidden secrets as they unravel the mysteries of this strange new world.


Vermillion has compelling storylines and engaging game mechanics for any hardcore virtual reality fan who loves science fiction or action games.



From sports to fantasy battles to sports and cooking,  VR simulation gaming provides hours of adventure in your own living room. Get your PICO VR headset today and engage in an immersive experience.

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