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VR Gun Games: Top Picks on PICO 4


space guardians vr gun game


Since virtual reality headsets exploded onto the consumer market in the mid-2010s, shooting games have been at the forefront of the industry. Contrary to what some people think, the popularity of VR gun games arises not from a desire to hurt anyone but from the challenge and skills of the games themselves.


Top Gun Games on PICO 4

Gamers seeking the most advanced VR gun games love the PICO 4 because of the advanced way it presents the VR gaming experience. Here are the top shooting games you'll want to explore with your headset.

Alvo VR

alvo vr gun game 

If fast-paced action is more important to you than ultra-realism, Alvo VR is the game for you. Participants like its expansive game mode choices, various tools to provide a tactical advantage, and a rewarding progression system giving them more weapons to use as skills improve. Alvo VR recently added private games, new weapons, and other features to make play even more satisfying.


Hype Dash

hype dash vr gun game 

An astounding 88% of players on Steam give Hyper Dash A resounding thumbs up. Featuring a healthy dose of chaos among blistering fast movement, this FPS game has modes like Payload, Domination, Death Match, Control Point, Capture the Flag, and Elimination. You can play this game offline, with bots, and on private and dedicated servers. What's more, it has left-hand support for southpaws.


Contractors VR

contractors vr gun game 

Gun VR games with stories aren't for everyone. Contractors VR doesn't have a backstory, yet it is one of the most technologically advanced games on the market with lots of weapons, maps and fast-paced action. This military-style game features intense firefights, lethal missions, and much more. However, its most intriguing aspect is Contractors VR thrives on multiplayer gameplay with flashy mechanics and truly responsive gunplay.


Everslaught Invasion


Building on the original 'Everslaught' release by the German company Mob, 'Everslaught Invasion' offers one-on-one gameplay that is best enjoyed in short bursts. This game mixes shooting with horror and does it successfully. It features three distinct classes of play, Warrior, Rogue, or Vanguard, where you can run, jump and shoot your way through dark fantasy environments. Players can unlock new weapons, maps and other features while building character skills as they progress.


Rampage VR


This brand-new adventure role-playing game is sure to reel you into its fantastic world and make you return over and over again. This game offers a complete package through intricate design, graphics and audio that evoke a fantasy world full of danger. It offers a significant progression system for gear talents and upgrades. Players will enjoy rich content, utilize weapons in seven categories, engage in exhilarating battles and even come back from the dead. Players can expect regular updates as the game develops.


Dead Second

dead second vr gun game 

Pure arcade action is what VR players will get with this game. Dead Second is a highly optimized game (120hZ) designed for quick and easy-to-understand action. This game gives players intense shootouts and gunplay with high-intensity physics reactions to feel truly immersed in this VR world. Notable features include manual reloading, a practice firing range, dual-wieldable guns, detailed weapons and stunning audio effects.




Thrilling tactical shooting, and easy, intuitive controls, result in a smooth and responsive VR experience that is Breachers. It's not only an FPS game but an adventure game as well, as players rappel up walls, jump through windows, and catch opponents with devices like drones and cloaking devices. Breachers provides endless action that is eminently playable. Everything about Breachers is big. Gamers play in five-a-side teams, with players alternating between enforcer and revolter roles within close quarters. With this type of rotating play, you'll keep returning to this game repeatedly.


Space Guardians

space guardians vr gun game 

Space Guardians was first released in 1987 as an arcade game. Now gamers can join multiple virtual worlds in space where robots have launched an attack on humans. This VR gun game has a female protagonist, too. The program randomly generates every mission you undertake, so players never know what they will face next. As players finish missions, they unlock additional powerful weapons. The game has a Coop Mode, but note that you can only play with a maximum of three players.


Gun Raiders


This free-to-play game is sheer fun. Although you won't find any jaw-dropping graphics in Gun Raider, this game ticks all the right boxes for gun VR games players. You'll get infinite ammo, lots of walls to climb, player and gun skins, and more. You name it, and this game probably has it. Moreover, you can also chat with friends while you're having fun.


Future Trends in VR Gun Gaming

Gun games for VR are some of the most consistently fun games in the genre. Why? They're tactical, taking advantage of everything virtual reality offers gamers. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market for gun games for VR and the entire industry as a whole is expected to grow from $7.92 billion in 2021 to $53.44 billion in 2028. Players can also expect cloud-based gaming to grow, offering a more comprehensive range of features, including unlimited streaming, storage capability, device links, and more.


Games and devices will have more advanced features. As PICO 4 has more advanced features, it has become the first serious competitor to Quest. These two hardwares will continue to push one another to develop ever-better technologies. Someone predicts that games will become even more immersive. Future gaming could go beyond playing on a team to include virtual events and social platforms.



The United States is the world's largest market for virtual gaming. As VR gun games are among the most popular niches in the industry, gamers can expect these titles to be at the forefront of hyper-virtual reality. In the not-too-distant future, you may one day be unable to tell what is real and what is manufactured when playing one of your favorite games. With a PICO 4 VR headset, you can dive into thrilling VR shooting games, experiencing immersive gameplay and realistic action.

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