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5 VR Games for Fitness and Workout at Home


vr games for fitness and workout at home


VR headsets like PICO 4 add fun and challenge to workouts. Engage your body and mind with immersive games designed to keep you fit. In this guide, we’ll explore the five most popular VR games for fitness on PICO. Turn your living room into a personal gym with a virtual twist today.


5 Popular VR Workout Games on PICO

Using PICO 4 VR headsets elevates fitness games with its advanced motion tracking and low-latency rendering. It offers a hyper-realistic environment where the players' movements are translated into virtual actions seamlessly.

Whether you're swinging a tennis racket or throwing punches in the ring, the PICO 4 replicates the sensations and demands of actual workout routines. Here are our 5 picks for VR workout games on PICO.



fitxr vr fitness game 

This VR workout game focuses on the sport of boxing, which is widely recognized as an excellent fitness routine. But what makes FitXR special is that it keeps you on your toes. This game helps you develop timing and rhythm. Plus, you’ll get a great cardio workout.


FitXR offers 7 new classes each week—from boxing, dance, HIIT, to combat sports. And with every class, there’s a fitness expert to help you with your journey. You can work out with up to six friends or connect with thousands of other players.


Also, FitXR’s music library is packed with choices to keep you motivated. From pop to rock, their music collection will get you moving.



holofit vr fitness game 

With over 100 workouts, Holofit ensures every session is dynamic and engaging. Run through the streets of Paris, cycle around San Francisco, ski in Antarctica, or row underwater.


Explore 15 incredible worlds, from the futuristic Cyberpunk City to the mysterious realm of the Troglodytes. Choose from HIIT, Fat Burn, or Time-attack programs. You can also race against other fitness enthusiasts and burn up to 400 calories in a single session.


Holofit is compatible with most fitness machines, including bikes, rowers, and ellipticals. Simply connect via a cadence sensor and you're ready to go. For those without equipment, use your body weight for exercises like running and rowing.


You can use their mobile app to keep track of your progress. Note down calorie burns and your daily workout stats. Experience fitness like never before with Holofit.



x-fighter vr fitness game 

X-Fighter isn't your typical VR workout game. It's an exhilarating fusion of mixed reality and combat, turning your space into a battleground against formidable cyborg adversaries.


X-Fighter has beat-driven gameplay. You can upload your favorite MP3 tracks and customize your workout to your favorite music. As you duck, weave, and land blows, you'll move in sync with your chosen song. Whether you're grooving to pop hits or pumping iron to rock anthems, X-Fighter ensures your workout stays fresh and dynamic.


Invite friends over and make it a team mission to fight cyborgs while doing some cardio. It's a workout, a game, and a thrilling spectacle all rolled into one.


VR Fitness One

vr fitness one vr game 

Tired of mundane exercise routines? VR Fitness One is the game-changer for home workouts. Train with over 1,000 personal coaches in various exotic gym locations. Whether you're aiming for a toned body or engaging in a fun dance cardio, your virtual trainer is always there, cheering you on.


Dive deeper with custom workouts, then compete on online leaderboards. Prioritize muscle groups and avoid injuries with VR Fitness One’s state-of-the-art fitness tech.


Bonus: Stay active even when seated with full-body desk exercises. Or, amp up your boxing game, dodging and punching for leaderboard glory.


All-In-One Sports VR

all-in-one sport vr game 

All In One Sports VR is your ticket to a world of sports. Dive into 13 diverse sports, from basketball and golf to darts and squash. Challenge others in real-time PvP - though note, boxing, baseball, and table tennis are coming soon. The game's physics delivers an ultra-realistic experience.


Want to personalize your avatar? Go for it. With its simple UI, anyone can jump in and play. And whether you're a newbie or a pro, there's a difficulty level just for you. Grab your VR headset, and step onto the All In One Sports VR.


Maximizing Fitness Results with VR Games

According to Everyday Health, VR games can indeed be a good workout. They can help burn calories, improve balance, and enhance coordination.


A study from the National Library of Medicine found that VR games can be used as a tool for promoting physical activity. The immersive nature of VR can motivate individuals to move more, making it a potential tool for fitness and rehabilitation.


Incorporating VR games into your fitness routine can be both fun and effective. Just ensure you're taking the right precautions and maximizing the benefits. Here are some tips to maximize fitness results with VR games:


 Space is key. Ensure ample space for movement. Consider moving furniture and laying down a yoga mat.

 Maintain a cool environment. Use a fan or air conditioning to keep the room comfortable.

 Warm-up is essential. Just like traditional workouts, always stretch and warm up before playing.

 Drink water and take regular breaks to optimize your exercise routine.

 Use weighted vests, resistance bands, and wrist or ankle weights for strength training.

 Track your progress. Some VR games even sync with Bluetooth devices to monitor heart rate.

 Utilize smartwatch apps. Estimate calories burned and other fitness metrics using smartwatch applications.



VR workouts are an excellent means to maintain your fitness journey from the comfort of your home. By gamifying some of the workout routines, you can exercise regularly in an entertaining manner. To see a full list of sports and fitness games available for the PICO VR headset, check out the PICO Store.