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Virtual Reality Fitness Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide


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Have you ever played a virtual reality game and left the metaverse drenched in sweat? You're not alone, and because of this, a VR fitness craze has begun! Let's learn about VR exercise, how it contributes to weight loss and muscle mass, and what games might help you get your workout done.


What is a VR Workout?  

VR workouts take a fresh approach to exercise, combining virtual reality technology with ordinary fitness routines. They add a gaming element to your exercise sessions, which is the key to motivation for some. Many VR apps are designed specifically to help you reach your exercise goals, while others help you sneak in a workout because of all the movement involved in the game.


In an immersive environment, you can try out different types of exercise that might not be accessible to you in the real world. VR fitness apps can also take you beyond the gym, transporting you to gorgeous, captivating landscapes to accomplish your goals.


Can you Lose Weight with VR Fitness Apps?

VR games can help you lose weight along with other healthy habits. According to Aaron Stanton, founder of the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise, VR games burn a similar amount of calories compared to other forms of aerobic exercise, leading to weight loss when played regularly. In addition, VR isn't as monotonous as sweating it out in the gym, so many people are more likely to stick with their virtual exercise programs.


The latest physical activity recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is approximately 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly for weight maintenance and overall health. Scientific research indicates that VR workouts can be just as effective as traditional fitness programs, with many games meeting the requirements for moderate or vigorous physical activity (Gomez et al., 2022).


The science behind VR fitness apps and the potential for weight loss is important, but it's the personal accounts that hit home for many people. Take the story of Tim Donahey, a personal trainer in Ohio who recorded his VR weight-loss journey on Reddit. By committing to one hour of VR exercise five days per week, he successfully lost 15 pounds in less than two months.


Can you Build Muscle with VR Games?

If you can work up a sweat and burn some serious calories in the metaverse, what about your muscles? VR exercise programs can help you build muscular strength, especially when incorporating virtual reality exercise equipment.


Many VR fitness apps feature professional coaches that guide users through a comprehensive workout targeting all major muscle groups. If that seems too structured and intimidating, you can definitely piece together a balanced muscular fitness routine using your favorite VR games.


The best VR exercise routine for building muscle mass should include movements targeting the arms, shoulders, thighs, calves, chest, back, and core. To add a strengthening element to a VR cardiovascular workout, try adding arm weights, leg weights, or a weighted vest to put resistance into your routine.


Some VR games target certain muscle groups better than others. For example, if you are looking to build your chest and back, a boxing game is ideal. Games that use repeated drum-style motions are a great way to enhance arm and shoulder strength. If your core is your focus, look for VR games that require you to maintain your balance to be successful.


VR Fitness Games to Try  

Do you want to experience the benefits of a VR workout but are unsure where to start? Here are three of our favorite VR fitness apps designed for exercise newbies and hardcore fitness buffs.



Get your heart pumping with FitXR, a VR program appropriate for all fitness levels. With more play and less work, you can customize your exercise environment for an entertaining, engaging experience. Move to the beat of your favorite workout music by popular artists, or try a new tune to stay motivated. FitXR features five studios—box, HIIT, combat, sculpt, and dance. Real personal trainers are there to keep you on track and help you perform the exercises correctly for maximum fitness benefits. If you are a social butterfly, gather up to six of your pals and sweat it out together while working toward better health.



holofit vr fitness game 

Physical fitness is exciting when you step into HOLOFIT, a VR fitness game with more than 100 workouts that take place in one of 15 exciting worlds! Use this program in conjunction with your compatible rowing machine, exercise bike, or elliptical machine to maximize your exercise routine. If you don't own a fitness machine, no worries! HOLOFIT still offers an effective workout. Exercise in Paris, on Saturn, under the water, or in a dynamic cyberpunk world to keep things interesting. Save and track your progress in the companion app to help you set realistic, challenging goals for your next sweat session.


VR Fitness One


If you are looking for VR fitness for beginners, check out VR Fitness One. This app brings exercise to you, eliminating the need to head to the gym to suffer through a boring workout. As you exercise, you'll have a cheerful, encouraging personal trainer by your side to ensure you stay focused and have all the right moves. Select the muscles you want to target and input any injuries or pain you are experiencing to create a customized workout that delivers the results you desire. Do you need a little competition to stay engaged? See how you rank on the online leaderboards, and set your goals for your next session!


PICO 4 Virtual Reality Exercise Equipment  

The PICO 4 All-in-One VR headset is a top choice in VR fitness for beginners, especially when paired with FitXR. It features a balanced design, cushioned support, and a snug fit to prevent slippage during intense workouts and gameplay. In addition, it has motorized interpupillary distance adjustment to promote clear images and minimize the dizziness and nausea that some people experience in VR.


Precise motions are crucial when exercising in the metaverse. The PICO 4's omnidirectional SLAM capabilities ensure that the movements you make in the real world translate smoothly to VR, with no latency issues to worry about during your workout.



VR fitness apps are an exciting, engaging, and motivating way to lose weight, build muscle, and enhance overall health. Are you ready to see what VR exercise is all about? Check out fitness games on PICO to start your fitness journey today!

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