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7 Things You Can Do with Your PICO 4 VR Headset


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VR technology might be known best for its gaming applications, but its benefits don't stop there. PICO 4 VR headsets let users take full advantage of the versatile experiences offered by virtual reality. So, what can you do with a PICO 4? Let's take a minute to talk about how these headsets can help you maximize your metaverse adventure.


Do you know PICO 4?

PICO 4 is a VR headset used for virtual reality games, fitness, simulations, training and other purposes. Designed with comfort and stability in mind, these headsets are lightweight and have cushioned support. So no matter where your VR adventure takes you, your PICO 4 will stay in place.


State-of-the-art visuals contribute to an immersive experience in VR. PICO features proprietary pancake lenses that promote clear images and a wide field of view. In addition, these lenses are lightweight, adding to the headset's comfort during use.


Swift, precise movements without latency are crucial to an immersive VR experience. PICO VR boasts omnidirectional SLAM and advanced tracking capabilities to ensure your real-life motions translate precisely to VR.


What Can You Do with PICO 4 VR Headsets?

Experience diverse gaming options

When it comes to VR games, most players associate them with action-packed adventures. Although adventure works are the most recommended on VR, injecting virtual reality to other game genres provides a different experience as well. Nearly any game played on a traditional console is made more exciting and interactive using VR.


You can use your PICO 4 to elevate your workout routine and sports training. You can also do puzzle games, socialize and attend parties, among others.


Attend concerts and events

With VR headsets, you can bring live interactive entertainment to your living room. You can now attend concerts and events whenever and wherever you are. PICO VR offers a 105-degree field of view, putting you directly in the middle of the action. Also, PICO's high-capacity battery ensures you will see the show until the buzzer blares or the curtain closes.


Stay active in sports and fitness apps

If you're struggling to muster up the motivation to accomplish your daily workout, try a VR exercise app. These programs typically cater to all fitness levels and offer a variety of workout types to beat boredom. Some fitness apps even feature live personal trainers to keep you motivated until the bitter end. Whether you want to increase your flexibility through yoga, improve your heart health with a cardio workout, or burn excess calories with a martial arts routine, you'll find a program that helps you reach your goals in VR. You can access a variety of popular fitness apps using a PICO 4 VR headset, including FitXR, Les Mills Bodycombat, and HOLOFIT.

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Create personalized VR exercise plans

For those with specific fitness goals in mind, some VR fitness apps help users develop customized workout plans not just for training but also for injury recovery. For example, VR Fitness One allows exercise enthusiasts to create a personalized program that minimizes the impact on sore or injured areas. Please consult a medical professional before beginning a workout plan with an existing injury or medical condition.


Enjoy real-time interactions with virtual avatars

VR is increasingly being used in educational settings, enabling teachers to engage with students from across the globe to deliver interactive, real-time lessons. Virtual technology is also used similarly in the workplace. Colleagues can now collaborate from a distance, eliminating expensive and inconvenient business trips—increasing workplace productivity.


Of course, virtual communications aren't all work and no play. Platforms like VRChat allow gamers, content creators, artists, and other creative individuals to interact as avatars in the metaverse. These platforms foster more meaningful connections than simple text or voice chats that we used to see in traditional gaming consoles.


Watch blockbusters and live shows

These days, our favorite TV shows are found on streaming platforms, and we're not limited to watching them on a 2D television screen. Some apps exist—and many are in the works—to allow us to experience television in a new way: on a VR headset. VR enables us to sit in the middle of our favorite shows while the plot plays out around us.


What if you could have a virtual "watch party" with all your pals to check out the season premiere of your favorite program? In apps like Bigscreen, users can enter a virtual living room and watch top channels and popular programs together while playing games and chatting about the next plot twist.


Invite your friends to a multi-player cinema

Dreamed of having a private theater? With a PICO 4 VR headset, you can have one without the high price tag.


Bond with friends wherever they are in the world to join you in the metaverse to watch a movie. Just purchase your tickets for the 2D or 3D movie of your choice, put on your headset, and get comfortable.


With a refresh rate that reaches up to 90 Hz and a PPI performance of up to 1200, the clear, sharp images on your PICO VR headset takes home theater experience to the next level.



VR applications are only limited by our imaginations. These are only a few PICO 4 tips for making the most of your VR experience. Explore the possibilities that the metaverse offers by purchasing a PICO headset today!

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