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Best Spooky and Horror VR Games for PICO


paranormal detective vr game


Virtual reality has ushered in a new era of gaming—with horror and spooky genres stealing the spotlight. With their immersive environments, these games have the power to send shivers down your spine in ways traditional gaming never could.


PICO VR headsets are preferred by gamers as they’re easy to use and have an impeccable immersive display. It is the perfect device for you to enjoy these terrifying realms. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for a new adventure, our PICO horror games list will definitely excite you.


Best Scary VR Games

Explore the rising trend of spooky VR games with PICO VR headsets. Here are our top four picks for the best VR horror games.



mobius vr horror games 

Mobius brings a new type of environment to horror VR gaming and even pushes the boundary toward creating a new subgenre. Here, the player takes on the role of an unassuming office worker who was dedicated to her job and worked hard at it.


But one day, she became aware of wrongdoing in the corporate structure, and she could not be quiet about it. Soon after confronting the problem, she finds herself in a seemingly endless loop of office spaces, mysteries, and terror.


As the hero, you'll unravel the mystery of the endless office space and uncover the secret behind it all; but only if you can survive the hidden dangers of Mobius.


The Book of Distance

the book of distance vr game 

This moving VR experience, crafted by master of the art Randall Okita, places you in the shoes of Japanese ex-patriot, Yonezo Okita, in the year 1935. Facing racism and war in his new home in Canada, Okita embarks on an emotional journey to recover his dignity and secure his freedom.


Laden with haunting imagery, The Book of Distance is as compelling as it is satisfying. Okita must unravel the mystery of his past and survive the disheartening experience of state-sanctioned bigotry in a strange land.


But will he be able to survive the hidden dangers of this foreign land and reveal the secret behind the epic changes that are affecting the world around him? That is up to you.


Paranormal Detective: Escape the 90s

paranormal detective vr game 

In Paranormal Detective, you will assume the role of a paranormal detective in search of Delia—a 90s teen who went missing in an abandoned retro arcade. This genre-busting sequel to "Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80s" leads you on a haunting, yet charming adventure through a liminal landscape that is rich in cultural imagery and fascinating secrets.


Enjoy playing the classic games in the arcade as you make your way through the strange setting on your search for Delia. As you do, you'll unlock exciting puzzles, enjoy the classic look and feel of 90s arcade gaming, and prove your worth once again, as a paranormal detective with no equal.


Drop Dead: The Cabin


The final entry in our top four best VR horror games, Drop Dead: The Cabin, is easily the most intense. Enter the classic horror movie backdrop, the undead-infested and secluded woodland cabin, and get ready for the fight of your life.


Use a range of classic firearms and makeshift hack-and-slash weapons as you go it solo or team up with an action-hungry friend in your quest to survive The Cabin. You'll face unique undead enemies and a horde of surprises with all the thrills you'd expect from the greatest shooter games ever made plus a hefty dose of virtual reality generated thrills.


How to Make VR Horror Games Less Scary?

VR horror games are pushing the boundaries taking the horror genre to a new level of intensity. Unlike 2D games, VR tricks the brain into believing you're actually in a terrifying environment. Effects such as jump scares and creepy surroundings become far more potent in VR. This results in heightened sensory overload.


This can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make VR horror games less intimidating. Here are some tips:


 Play during the day: Daylight can reduce fear. This allows you to focus only on the game and makes the experience more manageable.

 Increase brightness settings: Darkness can enhance suspense and fear. Adjust the brightness of your game or screen. This should reduce the scare factor.

 Lower the volume: Sudden loud sounds can create jump scares. Lowering the volume can reduce the shock and impact of these scares.

 Don't overthink: The more you think about a horror game, the scarier it will be. Dive right in before fear paralyzes you. Concentrate on simple actions to ease the initial discomfort.

 Don't play alone: You can play with your friends or have someone in the same room as you get in the zone. This should alleviate fear and paranoia.


These tips can help you stay in control, ensuring an enjoyable yet thrilling experience. These strategies can help tailor the experience to your comfort level, whether you’re a novice or an advanced player.



Clearly, PICO is leading the charge when it comes to thrilling, compelling, and addictive scary games for VR. Be sure to check out these titles for best-in-genre play, and visit PICO for the latest in gear and gaming.

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