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The Next Level of Sports Gaming: All-In-One Sports


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If you own a PICO system, you can experience the benefits of an immersive athletic competition with All-In-One Sports VR! While recreational and competitive athletic events incorporating players' actual movements are not new to video games, All-In-One Sports VR is the first game of its kind available in the metaverse.

All-In-One Sports VR Overview

Whether you are a serious competitor or a weekend warrior, you'll find something to pass the time on All-In-One Sports. This VR sports game allows users to compete in 13 different activities. Don’t worry if you need a refresher course on your favorite sport. Each activity begins with a brief how-to to bring you up to speed.

All-In-One Sports offers five skill levels that range from beginner to pro. If you want to go head-to-head against other aspiring athletes, some games feature online capabilities to connect you to players who wish to engage in some friendly competition.


All-In-One Sports is radically different from traditional sports video games due to the realistic motions needed to perform the necessary skills. This game is even considered appropriate to train athletes for in-person competition if a virtual practice setting is required. It also uses the official Olympic rules, so the game is both fun and a learning experience for players.

What Will Keep You Playing All-in-One Sports

All-In-One Sports VR is not a one-and-done type of game. Competitors can change the game each time they put on their headsets and enter the playing field. One of the easiest ways to create a new experience is to use the multiplayer mode and compete with your metaverse pals. Keep it recreational or engage in hardcore gameplay—the choice is yours.

The sheer variety of games available makes All-In-One Sports a game to keep coming back to. With 13 games and five skill levels, that's 65 different experiences! Plus, the competition changes every time you play against a new opponent or pair up with a new teammate.

How it Feels Like Playing All-In-One Sports VR?


As you prepare to conquer the playing field, allow enough space in the "real world" to perform your movements. Most games require robust motions, such as stretching for a tennis ball or pitching a baseball. A five-by-five space, or maybe a little bigger, is usually enough to be successful.


A recent study shows that people underestimate their exertion level during VR gameplay. Your workout intensity while playing All-In-One Sports varies depending on your selected sport. For example, golf is very strategic but far less intense than basketball. Expect to burn some calories! Depending on your size, you might burn as many as 350 calories during a 30-minute game of ping-pong.

Arm Work

It is definitely possible to get a strenuous arm workout while playing most of the games included in All-In-One Sports. You will probably get the best bilateral arm exercise while doing the boxing program, but you can also expect significant upper extremity fatigue with baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

Leg Work

Although getting a leg workout while playing this game is possible, it is not guaranteed. In badminton and ping-pong, you will dash back and forth to return volleys, so your leg muscles will be on fire. Sports like darts, on the other hand, require minimal leg movement and are not a great choice for a lower-body workout.

Core and Balance

A strong core is a must for most real-world sports, and the same is true in VR. Boost your balance and core strength by incorporating golf, baseball, and boxing into your game time. Even without the weight of a glove, bat, or club, you will still engage your core enough to call it a workout.


Some VR games are best when you have ample time to devote to the activity. However, All-In-One Sports games are short, allowing players to move on quickly if they find that a particular activity isn’t their sweet spot.


Just like in real life, no two VR sports competitions are alike! This variability, plus the competitive aspect of VR sports games, keeps players returning for more. Many gamers want to improve upon previous scores, hang onto a winning record, or finally conquer a tough-to-beat opponent.

Fitness Scalability

Your required fitness level for this game depends on the game you select and the amount of space you have to execute the movements. If you have minimal space, don’t worry! You can still have a blast playing this game, but you might not get an intense workout.

VR Sickness

Most people prone to VR sickness can play All-In-One Sports without issues. Natural locomotion and teleporting are the most common culprits of VR sickness, and neither is a big part of this VR experience. Some people who are sensitive to rhythm games report mild VR sickness symptoms while playing the boxing portion.

Social Interaction and Competition

There are plenty of opportunities for social engagement in VR sports games. In All-In-One Sports, each competition is short, making it the perfect setting for people to come and go at their leisure in an online community.

What Sports Does All-In-One Sports VR Have?

Whether you thrive on traditional athletic competitions or are into recreational Saturday-night pastimes, you will find your match on All-In-One Sports. You will also find a good mix of individual and team sports. Most sports included in the game have a modified duration to keep gameplay progressing and prevent a monotonous experience. In addition, the game uses advanced physics principles to support a realistic environment and true-to-life movements. Here is a list of the sports you can play:

  • Baseball
  • Archery
  • Ping-pong
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Squash

PICO VR Sports Games

The PICO 4 and PICO Neo3 systems are on the leading edge of VR sports games. Both headsets feature a comfortable, balanced design that doesn’t interfere with recreational play or serious sports training efforts. They also have high-capacity batteries so that your game continues until you emerge with a victory.
Athletic competitions require participants to have excellent peripheral vision and lightning-fast reflexes. With a wide field of view and millisecond tracking speed, the PICO 4 and PICO Neo3 systems allow players to make swift, precise movements while observing a complete view of the world around them.


The innovative features of PICO VR headsets take VR sports games to the next level. Whether you are training for a real-life sport or simply want to have some fun in the metaverse, experience All-In-One Sports VR on a PICO VR system for an immersive athletic or recreational experience!