PICO devices are now certified to be compatible with Microsoft Intune

PICO, a leading provider of cutting-edge enterprise VR devices, is thrilled to announce that our flagship products, the PICO Neo3 Pro/Pro Eye and PICO 4 Enterprise can now be managed by Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, recognized for its comprehensive mobile device management, mobile application management, PC management and security leadership, now extends key capabilities to PICO Business devices. With this collaboration, enterprise customers gain access to a powerful, all-in-one UEM platform, offering seamless management of their PICO devices.

With Intune management of devices that run Android Open Source Project (AOSP), organisations can now enjoy streamlined provisioning, device configuration, and compliance management for PICO devices. The addition of Intune support brings a host of benefits to PICO users, including the enforcement of device restrictions and compliance requirements, support for certifications and Wi-Fi profiles, and a consistent endpoint management experience across all devices enrolled in Intune.
Key Benefits of Intune support of PICO devices: :
  1. Cost Efficiency: Enterprises can maximise their existing Microsoft 365 and Intune subscriptions without the need for additional expenses on third-party management tools, optimising resource allocation.
  2. Simplified Management: Intune facilitates swift device enrollment and content deployment within existing IT infrastructures, saving valuable time and effort for enterprise administrators.
  3. Customisation and Innovation: PICO's VR devices can now be seamlessly managed through Intune, unlocking new levels of customisation and innovation to meet unique business needs.
PICO's collaboration with Microsoft represents a significant step forward in device management within the enterprise VR landscape. This milestone reinforces PICO's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to thrive in their respective industries.
To learn more about Microsoft Intune and its features, please visit the Microsoft Intune homepage at Microsoft Intune—Endpoint Management | Microsoft Security
To learn more about PICO Business and its benefits, visit PICO Business.

About PICO:
PICO is a leading provider of enterprise VR solutions, specializing in innovative devices and software for various industries. PICO's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for enterprises worldwide.

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PICO devices are now certified to be compatible with Microsoft Intune

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