Super immersive VR experience with brand new UI and feature upgrades
PICO OS 5.0 is an Android-based operating system designed for All-in-One VR headsets.
Through a comprehensive system optimization, PICO OS 5.0 has improved the UI to provide a cleaner, smoother user experience as you enjoy a massive collection of videos, VR games and apps.
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File Size3.12GB
What's New
Feature Updates:
1. Android App Icon Improvement: The Android app icon in the headset interface has been revamped with a new-and-improved look.
2. Android App Compatibility Improvement: Fixed an issue that caused display issues in some apps.
3. Gesture Algorithm & Hand Tracking Accuracy Improvements: Improved gesture compatibility for various skin tones, fixed an issue causing gesture model lag and improved overall hand tracking performance and stability in situations where the palms of the hands overlap.
4. Sleep Mode Added: When the user clicks "Power" in Quick Settings, they'll now see a "Sleep" option. Once selected, the screen will immediately turn off and the headset will enter Sleep mode 2 minutes later.
5. IPD Value Display Added: Current IPD values will now display in the "IPD Adjustment" button area in Quick Settings. When IPD requires adjustment, users will be able to view their current IPD value on this screen and decide whether adjustments are needed. (PICO 4 Pro and PICO 4 only).
6. Video Quality Enhancement Capabilities (Super-Resolution, Sharpening, etc.) Added: An "Enhance Video Quality" toggle has been added under system "Settings" > "LAB". Once enabled, sharpening and color enhancement will be applied to system videos.
7. Controller tracking stability increased when connected to 2.4G Wi-Fi.
1. Fixed an issue preventing some 2D apps from being downloaded, installed or opened.
2. Fixed an issue where, when connecting Bluetooth headphones and using Miracast for screen casting, there was sound through the Bluetooth headphones but not at the receiving end.
3. Fixed an issue causing operation difficulties and display abnormalities when adjusting volume.
4. Fixed an issue that resulted in slowed environment movement after turning the head.
5. Fixed an issue that produced a "No Network Found" message after turning off Wi-Fi for a period of time and turning it back on.
6. Fixed an issue that produced an error message after clicking the "Screenshot" button in Quick Settings.
7. Fixed screen flicker that would occur when checking the feedback records.
8. Fixed an issue causing duplicate Bluetooth devices to be displayed.
9. Fixed an issue that hindered casting to browser.
10. Fixed an issue that caused controller updates to fail.
11. Fixed an issue that caused streaming screen recordings to fail and prevented recordings from being exported.
12. Fixed an issue causing scrolling lag in 2D environments.
13. Fixed issues causing screen flicker.
14. Fixed a silent controller update issue that caused the headset to get stuck on the loading screen.
15. Fixed the black screen issue that occurred when restarting the headset and inputting the password after enabling lock screen.
16. Fixed an issue resulting in click unresponsiveness while previewing and sharing screenshots and screen recordings.
17. Fixed an icon display issue that occurred when the screen recording preview page was muted.
18. Fixed a casting screen issue that caused it to turn black after displaying the microphone permissions pop-up window.
19. Fixed a screenshot issue producing incorrectly scaled thumbnails.
20. Fixed an issue that prevented a warning message from displaying when continuing to press and hold the IPD reduction button when IPD was at 62mm.
21. Fixed an issue that caused the controller model and pointer to be absent when entering the Home screen after an online controller update.
22. Fixed a video player issue that, after clicking "Full Screen" while pressing Power to turn off the screen, may have caused the screen to remain black even after waking the screen again.
23. Fixed anomalies occurring in the Room Capture process.
24. Improved system performance and stability.
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