Super immersive VR experience with brand new UI and feature upgrades
PICO OS 5.0 is an Android-based operating system designed for All-in-One VR headsets.
Through a comprehensive system optimization, PICO OS 5.0 has improved the UI to provide a cleaner, smoother user experience as you enjoy a massive collection of videos, VR games and apps.
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Release Notes
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What's New
1. Streaming Assistant has been upgraded to PICO Connect (Beta), which now features PC/Mac desktop connectivity and improved SteamVR streaming. PICO Connect (Beta) will be separately upgraded after the PICO OS V5.9.0 update.
2. Reduced hand tracking latency during transitions from stationary to movement states, improved the sucess rate of clicking with the "pinch" gesture (using thumb and index finger) and optimized hand tracking stability during head movement.
3. Improved system performance and picture quality when viewing VR and HDR videos.
4. Added automatic format recognition function in Video Player for 2D, 3D, 2D-VR360°, 3D-VR360°, 2D-VR180° and 3D-VR180° videos, significantly decreasing the difficulty of switching between formats.
5. Improved the Video Player playlist to support reading and displaying Fly Screen videos, and resolved an error occurring when there's a large number of items in the playlist.
6. Screencasting to browser now supports using a fixed URL (e.g., cast.picoxr.com/xxxx), which can be added to your browser's Bookmarks for ease of daily use.
7. To ensure stable connections with controllers and Bluetooth devices, 5G networks will be prioritized when connecting to Wi-Fi.
8. Added the "Feedback" shortcut in "Quick Settings" for you to quickly submit issues. It now supports uploading recordings and using voice dictation. We welcome all suggestions on how we can keep doing better.
9. Input method supports Thai input.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug causing the Steam app icon to display incorrectly in the Library.
- Fixed a bug causing the input method to be recalled when switching from the Friends list search box to the chat input box.
- Fixed a bug causing users to continue being displayed in "Friends" > "Friend Suggestions" after clicking the "Remove" button.
- Fixed a bug causing disconnections when screencasting to a browser in some environments.
- Fixed a bug causing the Fitness app icon to be displayed incorrectly in Notifications.
- Fixed a bug causing an automated app recognition error in the Feedback app.
- Fixed a bug causing the Dock to hide and reappear after starting a system update.
- Fixed a boot-up bug causing the update prompt to remain displayed after clicking to download in the background.
Supported Headsets
PICO 4 Pro