Get ready for a fighting game that takes immersion to the next level. Battle cyborgs with mixed reality transforming your room into a fighting arena, all while playing to the beat of the music.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an epic virtual fighting experience with X-Fighter! This VR workout game is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.
In X-Fighter, you'll battle against fierce cyborg opponents in the comfort of your own home, as mixed reality technology transforms your room into a fighting arena.

With X-Fighter, you'll experience a truly authentic and dynamic workout. The game's realistic mechanics will have you ducking, blocking, and delivering powerful punches, all to the beat of your favorite music. With X-Fighter, you'll get to enjoy a fun and challenging workout while improving your coordination, endurance, and strength.

In X-Fighter, you can customize your workout to the rhythm of your favorite music. The game allows you to add your own MP3 files, so you can train to the beat of the tunes you love.
But X-Fighter is more than just a workout; it's also an exciting form of virtual entertainment. Invite your friends to join in on the action and watch as they too get drawn into the world of mixed reality and futuristic cyborg battles. So why settle for a boring workout routine when you can step into the ring with X-Fighter? Get ready for the ultimate virtual fighting experience today!