The Key

Winner Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award
** Winner Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Venice Film Festival**
Narrated by Alia Shawkat

Meet Anna. Anna doesn’t remember her past, but she has vivid dreams about it. In every one of her dreams, there is a mysterious Key. Will you be able to unlock the mystery behind The Key without sacrificing too much?

The Key is a magical realism experience that will take you on a journey through dreams, facing challenges and difficult decisions, leading to a shocking reveal. The Key is NOT a video game. So relax, and let the story guide you.

(20-minute, standing interactive theatrical VR experience)

10' x 10' play area recommended - Touch things to interact - hold the trigger to teleport

“One of Tribeca's breakout successes” - CNET

“Of particular note are the superbly executed virtual reality technical details, including character design, use of color, and sound design.”
Jury - Tribeca Film Festival