Home After War

Home After War is a room-scale, interactive VR experience that takes you to Fallujah, a city that was, until recently, under Islamic State (IS) control. The war against IS has ended but the city is still unsafe. There’s one looming fear for returning refugees – booby trapped homes and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the neighbourhoods. Since the end of the war, thousands of civilians have died or been injured by IEDs.

Ahmaied and his family returned home after the fighting subsided. In the experience, you are in their home, which still shows signs of damage from the war.

Explore the home by either walking physically or teleporting in the space as Ahmaied shares his fear of returning to a booby trapped home. Witness life outside the four walls of his house through 360° videos embedded in the space. Hear Ahmaied speak of his loss and his hopes for his family, country and the world.

Learn about what it's like to fear the home you once loved.