Happy Drummer

Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the fantasy world of primitive tribes - boulders, totems, tribes, ancient creatures. As a talented drummer, swing the drum (bone) stick, hit various instruments made of original materials along with the music, and feel the charm of simple but infinitely dynamic drum music. The more exciting the performance, the more you will become the center of the whole world - tribesmen will dance with you, animals will be attracted to you, mountains and rivers will be shocked by you, and even the gods can't help but applaud you! Become a drum god and accept the worship of the whole world!

The game is very easy to use, and there is no UI interface throughout the process, allowing players to truly interact with this virtual world. There are two completely different scenes in the game: peaceful and joyful at night, and intense fighting during the day. There are 8 tracks and 4 bonus songs in the game. There are 3 difficulty levels for each track. You can unlock the follow-up tracks by passing the performance, but you can accept the worship and become the drum god if you complete the full combo perfectly!

The built-in tracks in the game are all tailor-made by music artists from all over the world, and are perfectly combined with the visual presentation to truly achieve an all-round immersive experience. Each drum point has been carefully designed and considered, allowing players to experience the hearty percussion while also deeply understanding the charm of tribal music rhythm. In the creative mode, players can make up their own songs and challenge themselves and their friends. A wonderful performance, the combination of drums and music, either joyful or exciting, allows players to fully integrate into it.