Ghosts of Tabor

Ghosts of Tabor is the only hard-core extraction-based VR FPS PvPvE survival game where you will have to use your wits, skills, and resources to survive. Inspired by similar games in the genre, Ghosts of Tabor features a variety of scenarios from scavenging, looting to crafting. Make your safehouse your own by building your personal collection of weapons and gear to display in your armory.

Ghosts of Tabor is packed with features for unlimited replayability including:

● Simultaneous PVP and PVE - Avoid both players and armed AI
● Scavenge for a wide variety of loot such as gear, weapons, attachments, ammo, medical, food and water
● Squad up or go at it alone in the world's most dangerous looting grounds
● Make your way to your extraction point to get out with your life and your gear.
● Customize weapons and craft items
● Craft ammo of different types and sizes
● Variety of weapons ranging from handguns to assault rifles
● Huge armory to display your arsenal of weapons, armor, and gear
● Choose your load out carefully
● Visit the marketplace to source anything you may need for your next raid
● Complete missions with vendors to unlock special goods

Choose your playstyle from guns-a-blazing in a squad or take a stealthy approach as the lone-wolf (or anything in between). It’s up to you to find a way to escape alive.

Can you survive the Ghosts of Tabor?