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Fantastic VR Soccer Games to Play on PICO


Fantastic VR Soccer Games to Play on PICO


As we understand more about what we can accomplish in virtual reality, we've found that VR has major applications in sports training. In fact, as system graphics become more realistic and controls become more precise, VR soccer has worked its way into the gaming rotation. Read on to learn how to maximize your soccer experience using PICO headset.

Benefits of VR Soccer Training

One of the biggest benefits of VR soccer games is the ability to train practically anywhere, anytime. Is a lightning-laced thunderstorm rolling through at practice time? No problem! Does snow prevent you from engaging in effective training year-round? Look to VR to prepare for your sport in a state-of-the-art training facility!

VR headset soccer helps players develop decision-making abilities crucial for top performance on the field. Immersive settings allow aspiring soccer stars to hone their skills in game-like environments that mimic the real thing. In addition, players can improve their reaction times with drills that target the weakest aspects of their performance.

Did you know you can customize your virtual soccer experience to incorporate different weather conditions or playing surfaces? You can also set up competition situations and drills to practice difficult passes and shots, increasing your tactical understanding of the game.

Essential Features to Look For in a VR Soccer Game

To create a worthwhile VR soccer training game, developers must consider all the technological advances available. Cutting corners isn't allowed! That's why only a handful of VR soccer training games exist on the market.

A top-notch VR soccer experience begins with realistic, immersive gameplay. If you are trying to perfect skills that will translate effortlessly to the field, the last thing you want is cartoon-style graphics! The right kick or header is all about the details, and sharp, precise images will help you learn how to navigate the ball in the right direction, which is a skill you can take to the field.

vr soccer game

In addition to realistic graphics, intuitive controls are a must-have. When you move your body in a virtual soccer game, these movements need to translate immediately in VR with no lag time. Intuitive controls help players understand and improve their reaction times, a primary function of VR in professional soccer training.

While practice makes perfect, repeating the same drills and motions time and time again can get pretty dull. As you're considering a VR soccer game to add to your collection, think about one that offers a variety of game modes to keep things fresh. Look for one featuring competition modes, practice modes, and modes that promote lighthearted fun to bust any potential boredom.

Top VR Soccer Game on PICO

Final Soccer Pro

Whether you want to improve your performance on the field or are looking for a new game for your next get-together, try Final Soccer Pro on your PICO headset. It checks all the necessary boxes for an immersive experience, great graphics, and more. Here are the details that make Final Soccer Pro a top choice.


In Final Soccer Pro, you'll star as a goalie in a fast-paced competition that pushes your reflexes to the limit. In simulator mode, rise to the top through 150 progressively harder levels, or play a quick-and-dirty game to get your soccer fix. Multiplayer mode lets you amp up the competition with your pals, while arcade mode adds a goofy element to gameplay.

Player Perspective

Final Soccer Pro takes place in a first-person perspective. Take your spot in the goalie box, and prepare to block some balls! You will see your hands in front of you, but no other part of your body will be visible in the metaverse. This perspective takes a little getting used to, but PICO's motorized interpupillary distance adjustment helps with the transition.


There are no fancy controls in Final Soccer Pro. If you have a PICO system, you have everything you need to be a fearless goalie. If you want to try your hand (or foot) at the striker position, you can attach a special control to your foot to use the penalty kick feature.

Player Movement

Final Soccer Pro requires a room-scale VR setup to promote the most realistic motions. As your head moves to the left or right in the "real world," your hands will move in the same direction in the metaverse. Some users report their movements in the metaverse being rather exaggerated, so you might need to play around with it a little before you get competitive.

Environment and Immersion

Final Soccer Pro on PICO gets good marks from gamers for its graphics and environmental characteristics. Each stadium offers something a little different, making you wonder what you'll see next.

Tips and Safety Measures When Playing VR Soccer

Live soccer is a dynamic sport, and the same is true in the metaverse. Although games like Final Soccer Pro can be played in a space as little as six and a half feet wide, your best bet is to try to clear a 10-foot-wide area to move uninhibited. In addition, as you block balls from going into the net, the side-to-side movement might cause you to lose your balance. Take a few trial runs to get used to this feeling before you engage in competitive gameplay.

Games that require quick reaction times and dynamic movements sometimes cause motion sickness in sensitive individuals. The best way to combat this is to take a 10-minute VR break after 30 minutes of use. Wearing an acupressure wristband, playing in a cool environment, and easing into VR soccer slowly can also help beat VR sickness.

PICO VR Headset for Soccer Games

pico headset for vr soccer

PICO 4 headsets have advanced features that take VR soccer games beyond your ordinary gaming experience. They have a small, balanced design for comfortable gameplay, even as you are diving to protect the net. A 90 Hz refresh rate and high-resolution display support clear, crisp images that make you feel as though you are immersed in a stadium with the crowd roaring around you. With an ultra-wide field of view, you'll see the ball approach from every angle and effectively execute your block. Finally, precise tracking capabilities come in handy when you take your position as a striker, landing your penalty kicks strategically in the corner of the net.


VR soccer games are a great way to train for your favorite sport. If you don't consider yourself an athlete, there is still plenty of fun to be had. PICO systems boast the technology to bring these games to life in your living room. Check out VR headset soccer on a PICO system and experience one of the fastest-growing sports in VR!

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