2023 PICO Dev Jam Award Announcement

2023 PICO Dev Jam culminated in a three-month competition, in which more than 600 participants registered from EMEA, North America and Asia regions and the competition received more than 100 submissions in the categories of MR, hand tracking, gaming and non-gaming apps. As opposed to a typical hackathon, PICO Dev Jam also toured universities in Europe and North America including UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Univ. of Oxford, Univ. of Cambridge, Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Barcelona, PolyTech Angers, etc., where college students from the end of their undergraduate studies all the way up to doctoral researchers were introduced to innovative XR techniques, SDKs, toolings and ideas.

Individual and team developers from all over the world have presented their solutions to a jury panel of judges from both PICO and other companies in the XR industry including ShapeXR, Amaze VR, Odders Lab, Andromeda Entertainment, and Felix & Paul. Top 1-5 and 4 separate prizes were selected for each region. The cash prize dispatch of 2023 PICO Dev Jam will be handled by Devpost.

The winners are:

EMEA (EU, UK, Africa, Mid East)

1st Prize: "Holodeck.Space"
2nd Prize: "Inside a Looking Glass"
3rd Prize: "STACKAAR - Active AR"
4th Prize: "Full Body Fitness VR"
5th Prize: "RolePlaiAR"
Best Game App: "Holodeck.Space"
Best Non-Game App: "RolePlaiAR"
Best MR Design: "Full Body Fitness VR"
Best Hand Tracking Design: “Plato's Cave”

North America, South America, Pacific

1st Prize: “MISA - Mock Interview Simulator Assistant”
2nd Prize: "Your virtual buddy: UU"
3rd Prize: "MoJira: Museum of Jira"
4th Prize: "Simon Signs"
5th Prize: "Sugar Mess - Let's Play Jolly Battle: Chapter II"
Best Game App: "Sugar Mess - Let's Play Jolly Battle: Chapter II"
Best Non-Game App: "MISA - Mock Interview Simulator Assistant"
Best MR Design: "Your virtual buddy: UU"
Best Hand Tracking Design: "Simon Signs"

Asia (JP, KR, SEA, South Asia)

1st Prize: "SignEcho - Their signs spoken; your words shown"
2nd Prize: “Unearthed Odyssey: The Journey of Intergalactic Mechanic”
3rd Prize: “Elysium Colony (Sci-Fi Space Colony) VR/MR/XR Compatible”
4th Prize: “TradingXR with PICO”
5th Prize: “PICOJam- Calm Horizons”
Best Game App: “Unearthed Odyssey: The Journey of Intergalactic Mechanic”
Best Non-Game App: “TradingXR with PICO”
Best MR Design: “Witgetron XR: A Pioneering Widget Library”
Best Hand Tracking Design: "SignEcho - Their signs spoken; your words shown"

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2023 PICO Dev Jam Award Announcement