Orkana is an RTS based and first person combined gameplay. You fight as a commander against the aggressive enemy and conquer the planet Orkana, saving the planet from an evil old god.

Shooter - Strategy RTS MIX
RTS Strategy - Shooter MIX ... build think fight !
Main Story: We are in a distant future and you take the role of a commander of the Earth fleet. Deployed on the planet Orkana, we are asked to advance the mining of raw materials and to manage the security of the territory. In the course of the mission it soon becomes clear that the planet is not uninhabited and that an evil force apparently has control over the living creatures. As it seems, the conquest of the territories is prevented by a ruthless enemy. Thus, it will be your task as the commander of the force to bring this enemy to its knees and bring the planet and its resources into the possession of mankind. Decide the conflict on Orkana for us and conquer the planet for mankind.
Gameplay: Orkana Conflict VR combines here for the first time the typical "3RD person perspective" with the "first-person shooter perspective".
You mine resources, create various buildings and units like in a typical RTS game, and command them from the air. But then you'll also have to actively play in the first-person mode yourself, in order to ensure the progress of your army or enable it to overcome an obstacle, in order to ultimately defeat the vicious enemy.
Orkana Conflict does not aim to create the depth of a full-fledged RTS game in this regard. There is no deeper upgrade system or hours of base building or mass battles with hundreds of units. Instead, the focus is on a small 20-25 man army that should be used tactically smart to overcome the obstacles together with the player and win the territory of the enemy for themselves.
new VR game concept that can switch between first-person perspective (shooter) and 3rd person perspective (RTS) to reach the goal.
Orkana combines strategy with shooter parts, making it interesting for both strategy and non-strategy players.
5 missions with hours of gameplay.each mission represents a territory to conquer and can be played in 1st and 3rd person mode.
play side by side with your army, directing fire at you when attacking enemy buildings or clusters of tanks.
typical but simple basic setup of a RTS building game with base, houses, barracks, vehicle factory, tech buildings and units.
build tanks, soldiers, various vehicles and stand up to mutants, orcs, enemy vehicles and creatures.
simple action elements for first person mode like simple weapons, VR hands interactions, switches, grenades, bombs to help the army.
play Orkana in 3 difficulty levels
with increasing level Orkana offers in each mission new units, new enemies, new buildings, new items.
Ministory, which is advanced during the missions through clues when exploring the game world or mission description.