Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer

Nock is the next real multiplayer sport for VR! It takes the best parts of soccer and archery and combines them into a completely new game.

Nock is the first real multiplayer sport for VR.

Compete in aerial archery soccer matches from anywhere in the world! It's a brand new game that requires coordination, agility, and strategy. Skate and zip around the pitch while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team's goal. With intuitive controls and realistic physics, Nock is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Like a real sport, this game can take years to master. Block arrows let you create obstacles and you can even use your body to make a goal or save. A fast-moving ball can knock you out. Skill-based matchmaking keeps every game extremely close and competitive.

Casual modes let you challenge yourself against bots or play with friends in custom matches. Nock includes voice chat with individual muting options so you can communicate with teammates easily.