Garden of the Sea

Garden of the Sea

You wake up on a small island in a magical world. Grow your garden, nurture creatures, furnish your home or adventure across the sea to explore islands and gather new resources.

This world is for you.

Garden of the Sea invites you to play and explore at your own pace. If you are looking for progression and adventure, you will find it. If you are looking for relaxation, stay where you are and let the world gently take its course.

-Craft decor for your garden -Befriend local creatures -Go fishing for new friends to hang out in your pond

-Reactional Music; the melodies of the world becomes one with your experience -Upgrade your house and decorate it to feel like home

-Cook new dishes with the veggies you have grown yourself -Stay up all night -Go exploring with your boat

-Complete quests to unlock new adventures, creatures, and more -Encourage your animal friends to make babies (totally safe for work!)

-Find the best spot to meditate for a moment

-Teleport, snap and smooth turning and locomotion, all at adjustable speeds

-Audio not required ...and a whole lot more!

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