Paranormal Detective: Escape the 80s

A nostalgic 80's VR escape room puzzle adventure! You're a detective searching for a kid who went missing in 1987.

As a detective specializing in unusual cases, you just found the cold case of the century! Back in 1987, Corey S. disappeared off the face of the earth. His parents noticed the TV and Game Glove buzzing with a strange electricity... Could these objects hold the keys to this mystery? Can you solve the puzzles in this preserved game room to unlock the secret of Corey’s disappearance? Will you be transported to a retro futuristic cyber TV world to face off against an evil villain?? Filled with interactive toys and puzzles, this escape-room style game lets you explore and play. Perfect for VR enthusiasts who love retro aesthetics and 80’s throwbacks! NOTE: There are NO jump scares in this game! Just a creepy atmosphere. This game contains some flashing lights in the ending sequence which may affect players who have a photosensitive condition such as epilepsy.