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PICO’s Latest Enterprise 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
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PICO’s Latest Enterprise 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
Flexible Interactions
Immersive Experience
PICO 4E provides clear, flexible and immersive interactions to enhance the XR business experience.
Eye Tracking
Eye tracking decodes eye movements to produce insights that can be used in a wide range of applications or as an additional input modality.
Face Tracking
Face Tracking lets your avatar reflect your real-time facial expressions more naturally—truly bringing your avatar to life.
Front Camera
Video Seethrough
With the front RGB camera, you can view your surroundings clearly and in full color without taking off the headset, or unlock mixed reality experiences in your VR apps as a developer.
The HyperSense controllers are equipped with built-in broadband linear motors and create responsive haptics that engage your tactile senses for a more realistic VR experience.
Dual Stereo Speakers
3D Spatial Effects
Positional Tracking
6DoF Tracking
PICO 4E uses multiple cameras positioned around the HMD to provide inside-out 6DoF tracking, and enables you to move freely and organically in 360°.
VR Quality
PICO 4E allows you to enjoy silky smooth VR interactions at high resolution with the HD display and high refresh rate.
Snapdragon XR2
Powered by the Snapdragon™ XR2 chipset, PICO 4E provides an ultra-smooth VR experience with 256 GB storage and 8 GB DDR5 RAM.
Field of View
105° FOV
Brace yourself for a super wide field of view and get immersed in the stunning visuals.
Battery Life
5300 mAh
2 Hours +
1200 PPI
4K+ Display
Equipped with a 4K+ display, PICO 4E offers a max resolution of 4320 × 2160 (1200 PPI) and a 90Hz refresh rate, providing ultra-clear, immersive, and life-like XR experience.
Pancake Lenses
Thinner & Lighter
The pancake lenses give PICO 4E a slim, light-weight design. The headset weighs only 300g without the head straps.
Face Cushion
PU Face Foam
The detachable PU face cushion allows you to easily clean the PICO 4E headset after each use.
Quick & Easy
Thin & Light Design
Ergonomically designed for long-lasting comfort, PICO 4E's battery is mounted on the back of the headset to balance the weight, and the flexible side straps provide solid support for your head.
PICO 4E Is Specially
Designed to Address
the Needs of
Businesses in XR
Enterprise OS
PICO Business Store
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PICO Business Suite
Compatible with 3rd-Party MDM Services
Coming soon
Play Space Sharing for Location-Based VR
Business Settings
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Global Business
Local Support
Take Control Everywhere
Easy Management at Scale
For device management and content deployment within your IT infrastructure, PICO 4E is already compatible with a wide range of MDM services. You can also get high-quality XR apps for enterprise in the Business Store.
Without Limits
In order to adapt to different business scenarios, PICO 4E lets businesses tailor the system and system apps to meet their unique requirements. The system settings can be customized through the user interface and APIs, including basic settings, Home app settings, system configuration, quick start and device information display.
Security & Privacy
We provide professional and compliant data security and privacy protection services. Refer to "PICO Business Service Security White Paper" and "Enterprise User Terms of Service" for more details.
Business Consulting
Find out the most suitable XR solutions to meet your needs.
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