Vetrix Worlds

Vetrix Worlds is a puzzle game inspired by Tetris with unique mechanics built specifically for Virtual Reality.
Challenge your dexterity and planning skills to Master the Art of block stacking!

Campaign mode
Become the Vetrix Worlds champion by completing many challenges all across the world!

Competitive Multiplayer
When it's time to show your skills!

Co-op Multiplayer
Share a puzzle with a friend! Double the fun, but double the challenge!

Four Arcade modes
- High Score - Reach the highest score possible in 5 minutes.
- Time Attack - Reach the target score as fast as possible.
- Survival mode - Play as long as you can.
- Free mode – No time constraints, just relax and enjoy the ride.

Special Shape Types
Adapt your strategy to our new shape types; the Ephemere and the Resistant.

Need a little help? We got you covered with our brand new Power-Ups; the Trash, and the Holder!

Online Leaderboards and Achievements
Your friends should know who's the best!