*VENTA X Original content: 8K 3D VR MUSIC CINEMA**
· A performance that unfolds the artist's songs with movie-like stories.
· VR-optimized performances and immersive CG.
**VENTA X K-POP Series content: 8K 3D VR performance VOD**
· Various 3D VR video contents of artists for global K-POP fans.
· Experience the diverse aspects of K-POP artists, including performances and variety shows, in a three-dimensional VR content.

VENTA X is an app with the world's largest collection of K-POP 3D VR videos, providing the highest quality 3D VR videos of K-POP artists' music broadcasts, concerts, and more, making it easy and diverse to watch.

Since its launch in January 2023, K-POP fans from 60 countries around the world have been meeting K-POP artists through VENTA X's 8K 3D VR content.

Discover the weekly updated 8K 3D VR content of K-POP artists!