Exorcism Agency

"Exorcism Agency" is a multiplayer ghost-exorcism horror game.

As a newbie at the Ghost Busters Agency, I will now explain to you your job responsibilities: Your mission is to clear the ghosts that haunt the haunted building. Sounds simple, right? Remember, there are many types of ghosts, and the method of exorcism corresponding to each ghost is also different, so remember, before you completely determine the type and characteristics of the ghost, do not act rashly, it will harm you!

Therefore, in order to successfully exorcise the ghost, you must follow the ghost-exorcism process strictly.

First, you need to use dozens of spiritually exploring tools to investigate the ghost in the ghost house to determine the type and characteristics of the ghost. During this period, you may use EMF, Geiger counter, thermal imaging camera, spirit box, thermometer, spiritual book and other props. You have learned how to use these props, once you enter the ghost house, no one will teach you! Once you have completely determined the type and characteristics of the ghost, you also determine the method of exorcism for this specific ghost. You can then start to exorcise the ghost, you can use electromagnetic guns, holy water, music boxes, salt guns and other props to exorcise the ghost! Don't be afraid, just do it!

Exorcism Agency player community-Discord: https://discord.gg/XTQSvRyuNs