Alvo VR

Move in VR like never before in this fast paced multiplayer VR FPS

A new type of military VR FPS Alvo is a unique competitive FPS designed from the ground up for VR to provide some of the most thrilling and intense combat seen in the VR FPS genre. Trading ultra-realism for faster-paced gameplay, Alvo is a finely-tuned cocktail of mechanics that will keep you addicted and coming back round after round.

# Features

- A huge array of game modes including co-op Zombies, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and more!

- A massive selection of killstreaks, perks and weapons to give you the tactical advantage with more coming in updates regularly for free!

- A robust leaderboard system allowing players to complete on daily or weekly challenges.

- An addicting progression system that allows you to unlock more and more equipment as you rank and level up.