Wings 1941

Experience the thrill of the 10 most famous battles of World War II in a third-person retro voxel shooter miniature world.

Take on enemy bosses like the Yamato Battleship, the giant zeppelin, the fearsome Tiger Tank, and many more by upgrading your plane. Invite a friend to play through the campaign in a chaotic and exciting online co-op.

Complete 10 epic campaigns like Battle of Midway, D-Day, Stalingrad, El Alamein, and more! Experience an innovative two-hand VR control system: the right hand moves the plane and attacks while the left hand collects health, coins, bombs, and more! Dominate levels full of enemies to destroy, cities to capture, and bosses to defeat. Unlock and upgrade 10 planes including the iconic and historic B17 Bomber, Hurricane, Typhoon, Mustang, and more!

Collect coins, chests bombs, rockets, and powerups while dodging waves of enemies and bullets Play with a friend in an exciting online co-op or increase the difficulty to compete on a global leaderboard.