Virtual Fighting Championship

More than your classic VR boxing games, VFC is a fighting and fitness game that boasts the most abundant game modes ranging from multiplayer to various single-player content.

So whether you like to do endurance training, striking drills, fight against waves of enemies in the arena until you fall, or spar with other real players in the PVP mode, VFC is for you!

Each mode has a very tightly connected relationship, ensuring a healthy cycle of: "Training to Fighting - Fighting to Competing - Competing to Training".

While the essence of VFC is about fighting, the ultimate vision is to help you, the player, move towards your personal fitness goals and enrich your social interactions with like-minded fighting peers inside VFC, "level up" both in-game and in real life. So get fit and make sparring friends along the way!VFC seeks to create a unique way of fighting in martial art combat that only VR can deliver.

Make sure you join our friendly discord server at to find sparring partners online!