Groove Fit island

Groove Fit island

Rhythm x Fitness x VR! Let's get fit while having fun to the music with the unique animals!

Get into the rhythm and enjoy fitness! This is ""Groove Fit Island"", where animals love music and exercise. When you visit the island, you'll be challenged one after another to ""Groove Fit,"" the traditional sport of the island!

■There are Groove Fits based on familiar sports such as tennis, there are also unique groove fits such as pizza delivery.

■Each groove fit has its own METs index, so you can feel how many calories you're burning while having fun!

■All groove fits have an "Endless mode" ! How far can you go...

■Compete with players from all over the world for scores and calories burned for each groove fit. Aim to be a high ranker!

~ This game is recommended for people like you!

~ Those who want to play quickly and easily.

・Those who want to meet unique animal characters

・People who feel they don't get enough exercise in their daily lives.

・Those who want to do some light exercise

・People who want to get a light workout.

~Let's explore the island together in ""GrooveFitClub""!

~ GrooveFit Island is still developing, so join the Discord server and be part of the team that makes the island better!

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