Cast for PICO
TV receiver for PICO screencast — Fast, high quality, no ads
Cast for PICO is PICO's proprietary Android TV receiver. This app allows you to cast your PICO headset's view to a smart TV with low latency and high quality, so you can show your amazing moments in VR to your friends and family!
Release Notes
File Size33MB
What's New
1. Receive screencast from PICO OS 5.0 or later
2. Change aspect ratio and play sounds at any time
How to Install and Use
1. After downloading the installation package, copy the file to your TV via a USB flash drive or other storage devices and install it.
2. After opening Cast for PICO on your TV, open the screencast app on your PICO headset, select "Cast to Smart TV", find your TV from the list, and click "Connect".
Cast for PICO supports TVs running Android 4.4 or later