Enterprise 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
Enterprise 6DoF All-in-One VR Headset
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Superior 6DoF Performance
PICO Neo3 is powered by the Snapdragon™ XR2 platform and has a next-generation self-developed 6DoF optical positioning system to provide stronger performance and meet business needs of personalized system in a variety of scenarios. PICO Neo3 also features 4K HD displays and immersive audio effects for better user experience.
Snapdragon™ XR2
2× Faster CPU & GPU performance
4× Higher video bandwidth and supports 8K@60Hz panoramic videos
6× Higher resolution
11× Stronger AI processing power
*Compared with XR1 platform
Larger Storage, Stronger Performance
With a 6 GB RAM and a 256 GB storage, PICO Neo3 can provide solid support for various apps and content, and meet businesses' needs in different scenarios.
3664 × 1920 Resolution
PICO Neo3 offers a total resolution of up to 3664 × 1920, providing an ultra-clear and highly immersive VR experience.
Adjustable Refresh Rate
You can dynamically alter the refresh rate between 72Hz and 90Hz for the best performance in different business scenarios.
Larger Battery Capacity
PICO Neo3 has a 5300 mAh battery that supports QC 3.0 fast charge. The high-capacity battery allows you to use the headset in multiple business scenarios for long stretches of time without interruption.
Ergonomic Design
PICO Neo3 is designed for prolonged wear. It's light, comfortable and well-balanced. The soft straps hold the HMD firmly in place while the battery at the back acts as a counterweight. It comes with a removable and wipeable PU face cushion, making it more user-friendly for multi-user scenarios.
TÜV Certified Low Blue Light Mode,
Balanced Design with Rear Battery
Adjustable IPD,
Wipeable PU Face Cushion
Built for Enterprise
PICO Neo3, with the new PICO OS and higher SDK compatibility, is built for business. It provides useful tools like the self-developed PICO Business Suite app to support your management as well as fast, scalable deployment. You can also find many high-quality business apps in the Business Store. In addition, we've been collaborating with our partners to build a win-win ecosystem, and we're committed to providing our business users with safe, reliable products and services.
New Enterprise OS with Leap-Forward
Experience Improvement,
Compatible with Multiple SDK Versions with Stable Performance
Business Store with an Extensive Collection
PICO Business Suite: Sync, Streaming, Kiosk Mode, Customized Themes and More